Friday, July 11, 2008

Commercial Eat

One of the happiest moments in my mother's life, she says, is when they built her a luxury ladies' toilet on Dispensary road in the late eighties. This facility essentially doubled her shopping time, which in turn meant that my brother and I got twice as much food to eat, to prevent us from grumbling. I therefore dedicate this post to that life-saving toilet, for introducing us to the gourmet delights of charming Commercial Street.

Most of the shops on Commercial street are atleast as old as I am, and many older than my grandmother. Which, I have been instructed by her to inform you, isn't that old, ok? But if you'd like to give the shopping a miss and concentrate like I do on the food, a good place to start is the slightly overpriced, but lovely Woody's.

Stop sniggering, I think the owners of Woody's wanted to do a hep take on Woodlands, a bigger restaurant chain, when they opened this joint. Do try their dee-licious kotte-kadabus from coastal Karnataka: fragrant rice idlies steamed in cylindrical baskets(called kottes) woven from thaaLe-yele leaves. Slurp. Don't hesitate to try all the other yummy stuff on their menu. As long as you can get over the staff who will ignore you even if you commit hara-kiri at the counter, and the mechanical lady who'll say "Towkenn Fifffty Ffffour" in an ominous voice every 5 minutes or so.

A couple of buildings to the left, is the famous Bhagatram Sweets. Legend has it that the stoves of Bhagatram have never stopped burning since the shop opened in 1948. I can say without hesitation, that they make the world's best Sindhi gulab jamoons. Also do try their gorgeous jalebis, their lovely dumroat (baked yellow pumpkin halwa) and their chandrakala (a gulab jamoon stuffed in a badshah dipped in kesar-flavoured syrup. Sob!). Their carrot halwa and their famous 4pm samosas are superlatively delicious too. They moved from their dungeon like shop (lovingly named the Tunnel of Love) into a rather ordinary place next door a couple of years ago. The charming couple (Mr and Mrs Bhagatram Jr.?) that manage the shop speak a singsong mish-mash of Tamil,Kannada, English and Sindhi to their staff and customers, that many people stop by just to listen to.

Diagonally across the street is Anand sweets, equally well known and just as delicious. Their chaat section has some rather unusual numbers that I'm a little hesitant to try. While they have an array of mouthwatering North Indian sweets, do try their badam milk - absolutely hits the spot after a hot and hassled shopping spree. If you're tired of sweet things to eat, step to the back lane of commercial street where you can eat some really yummy streetside dosa and those odd looking triangular samosas.

Midway down Commercial street is the lovely Shiv Sagar. This is a standard Udupi joint with a humungous vegetarian menu, often bordering on the bizarre. Their Mexican selection has enchiladas (more like enchina maarayas* actually) topped with kissan sauce, and their pizzas have about a km. of grated amul cheese on their heads. Eh, whom are we kidding, they're delicious. Eat your heart out, Naples. But if you're not in the mood for experimentation, their North Indian and Indian-chinese selection will definitely appeal to your palate. Not to mention their array of excellent idlis, dosas and other scrumptious South Indian specialities. Top it all off with a Gud-Bud (Udupi special sundae with a story), Merry Window Special, or one of the millions of other lovely sundaes on the menu. Sorry, but you definitely need to visit Shiv Sagar about 15 times before you can decide whether you like it or not.

At the end of commercial street (on Kamaraj Rd actually), is a little ice cream shop tucked away in the basement of a run down complex. If you havent eaten tamarind or jamoon ice cream before, you must go there. Seriously though, Natural Ice Creams has some delicious all-natural seasonal flavours that will suprise you. My favourites are tender coconut and sugarcane-ginger. Do cut them some slack though. They're usually poorly stocked and the staff is sometimes frosty, but they'll warm up to you once you make a few appreciative noises and solicious enquiries about the ice cream.

Around the corner from Naturals, on Dispensary road, is the yummy Lalita's paratha point. Really good parathas of every shape and flavour and some surprisingly good biriyani. Do try when you're starving and want a great, satisfying punjabi meal. A little further up the road from Lallo's is Tiwari bros, a Calcutta based sweet shop with standard issue marwari sweets and some nice samosa-kachori sort of situations to go with them. They don't use onions or garlic, so this is a good place for fussy foodies or couples who, um, intend to have a long romantic evening in close proximity.

And now that you've eaten, it's time to check out commercial street's shopping wonders (preferably in a car at 40kmph). Check out the famous ladies' lane and the chappal gully where you can easily waste away and die unnoticed waiting for your female companions to finish. Go to the Green Shop, Brown Shop, Royal Mens Wear, Jean Junction or Your Shop(pe) for clothes, suitcases and sundries. Take a dekko at Eastern Stores, Bangalore's biggest woollens shop until the eighties. The owner of Eastern Stores will weasel his way into your heart (and wallet) by saying endearing things like "This is your shop ma, your shop. Take it and go ma, yours only". Also check out the series of ladies' tailors (all named Mr Rao) on Dispensary rd., and C Krishniah Chetty and sons, an expensive but exquisite jewellery store in an antique building in the middle of the street. Do walk around and check out the scores of other venerable old shopping institutions on the street when you have the time.

Frankly though, two venerable institutions down and I'm ready to tank up on some yummy Bhagatram gulab-jamoons again.

*Enchina maaraya = "Whaaaat I say?" in Tulu


Anonymous said...

(Oh goody, letsh get started!)

'Be that as it mayaa'? Vhat fine fine blighty-speak you are speaking :) Ess ess, Ladies Lane, parallel to Comm's, has ejjellent fresh idlis and doshys. Also the new Amerikin corn guys...strange but welcome new additions.

Lalitha's I think is seriously overrated, but what do I know. I prefer Towwwkan Nummber Pipty Pfore - times 5.

And three hic hics for Ladies Tailetts!

apu said...

Ve vant specifics I say! In exactly which run-down basement is the Naturals??

And Woodys - I somehow feel the quality has deteriorated...the stuff just isn't that yummy anymore :(

Anand Sweets - on the spot! that badam milk is sooper.... (though I like the kachoris, chaat etc etc too...yes I'm greedy!)

Karan said...

I am proud of you. You listed all awesome places I love on that road. Not so much love for Naturals, but still.

Ah, Bhagatrams - divine no?

I also like the Gajar Halwa there. Not the best, but nice.

I also love the chole bhature at Tiwari Bros, spitting distance from CommStreet.

Also, you must try the sizzler served with roti at Woody's. Strange, but nice.

All this provided one finds parking though. :)

VAN said...

Ettanother caanteshtt wopen aa? For wurshtt experience while accompanying a female shopper?

DewdropDream said...

Dammit, all this would have been so helpful when I was interning in bengalooru. Chhe.

Anonymous said...

Bhagatram,Anand & Tiwari sweets have always quenched my hunger for sweets. The mothi choor ka ladoo at bhagatram is yum. And woodys is nice, uncle's an acquaintance with one of the worker there. So get special seats when we go(2nd floor), i like the tasty dosa and the overpriced juices and yummy idlies and all. But yet to try the kotte kadubus.
I also hear that kotte, the leaf is different from thaale, correct me if me wrong.

Shivsagar is like too decent for comm street but the hygiene same, outside LPP is 1 beeda shop that is also good esp after heavy dosage of Paranthas.But the colored onions is the i dislike. :) (cos of fear of artificial coloring) educate me if me wrong again. Beware not to go during office lunch hours. Afterwards full sleep only.

Also down the road they make poha,chitranna,curd rice n other home made foods which i hear(not tasted)are greatly admired and relished by all.

Nice post aa. That piece of info on different/weird/ flavors of icecream was good.

Wil try the same, some time. Thou not the this week-end. Hear the riots there.

Happy weekend.


Prats said...

Gosh!!! This is a killer post...and I mean it literally....
You have not mentioned the yummy small time eateries...'gaaDi' stuff on the parallel...what is called ...Ibrahim Sahib street?...the Dosas out there are fab...

Anu said...

No fair - making mouths water when we are approx zillion miles away!

Fab descriptions!

(Hee.. hee.. coincidence or what - my word verification reads "AWSSM"!!!

Nileena said...

uyyo gubbuds are sooper sexy only..i've tasted in Mangalore..but never knew they are available here!! must try!

what about 'sreeraj lassi bar' on kamaraj road..i see that board everyday but i've never gone in.

Like apu said, woody's not so great anymore..the last time i ate 'patrode' thre, nastry attack of food poisoning i got

Pri said...

im so glad you mentioned my tiwari brothers. they have this awesome kaju sweet. it looks one thara like bird with beak and all. it's called kaju pista kalash i think. also they have the most amazing motichoor laddoos. plus their packaging for international parcel taking is full bombaat. the sweets stay fresh upto a week.

Shilpa said...

on that road parallel to commercial, behind woody's, there is a chaat shop called sagar.

the hot chocolate fudge there is probably best in town and best priced too, even beats corner house. and the masala puri and paav bhaji there is just yum!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Ayyayo! I want to come to Bangalore now :( And damn those gulab jamuns!

My dad loved them and he'd talk about them lovingly everytime and force my mom who is not a 'sweet' person (Did I just say that?) to gobble a few since he was a Diabetic!

And their Kaju stuff was something my Dad lived on. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Woodys has a standardization problem unlike Saravana Bhavan. The food at Commercial St. doesn't taste as good as the one in JP Nagar. Or Jai? Which is the Woodys that you find when you go down the silk board road?

And there is a place on the street parallel to Commercial. Quite dingy. You need to go upstairs on winding steps(there are tables downstairs too). The Misal Pav etc are amazing. Not sure if it's the same place Shilpa is talking about.

Pri said...

okay dont thup but taj cake shop? pineapple cake?

also that shiv sagar has awesome chill baby corn. one thara green colour it will be but as good as any chinese restaurant [nagarjuna savoy still has the best babycorn in the world]
also many hours i have spent reading and laughing at the menu. beauty names they have for the ice creams. also their mini meals are bloody brilliant. and their paneer kurma. also notice they have galeej floor and then super hep floor upstairs for family and friends.

and that woodys owner is so cheap. when i go with parents he'll be all banni saar free oota. when i go with my friends it will ignore. their strawberry milkshake is yummy.

vand congratulations very nice job you have done mentioning badam milk from anand sweets and other aformentioned eateries. bhagatram's new building is weird no? old one u could stand by huge pot of oil and wait for jamun to be placed in thatte. also u could see the goings on in the kitchen. scary it was.

suryanarayan jeweller was my fav shop on comm st for adorable silver jewellery. also corner shop which is now some scary krishna diamond place with security guard and all.

at the very end of the comm st they had one nice shop where u get tshirts for some 100 rupees. one time we noticed the owner had osama wallpaper on his computer so we decided to never go there again but we couldnt find the same tshirts anywhere else so um we went back.

in the 5th std i had written off essay on topaz and lousy corner and mother made me take copy and show them in hopes of getting bidthu items. didnt work. nice leddis in red lipstick used to greet u as u entered.

did u know owner of chappal angdi in side gully with big mustache can do superstar rajini cigarrette trick? he was on channel v one time. after that he became full famous. my brother bought all her chappals from him.

sorry for ridiculously long comment.

also to get parking on com st if u say jai durga continously for 2 mins ull get off parking. jai durga named after kb's aunt durga who always found parking everywhere.

omg i love comm st so much. countless hours spent there at magazine angdi where rude man wont let u flip through femina. also wonderful cassette shop man who would order special cassette for u. and guava man and hanky man, omg im going to cry.

I love Lucy said...

I am also going to cry.
Stupid idiot fellow.
Always writing post to hotte ursofy and inducification of nostalgia.
But Comm Street alli thumba shopping maditidhvi ri...sandhi gondhi alli chappal angdi dress angadi antha.aamele all those marvadi/sindhi type tailor shops were there no.
Rasmalai at Anand all time favorite.But when I went in 2005,they were dying too much to give decent quantity of the badam milk that comes with the sweet.

A.S. said...

Hmm you seem to be in a great food-mood these days. I'd had to hold my tummy to prevent it from splitting because of all the laughter while reading this blog, and now I'll have to hold it because of all the food I'll be eating because of all these posts... now where's that pencil-- gotta take notes right away.

They have photo-walks around the city-- perhaps you could organize a food-walk for the fans of this blog :-)

BTW, why would B'lore need a biggest woollens shop at all? ;-)))

Nakki said...

brilliant post saar. me cant stop having those Bhagathram jamuns once started...
btw if you free check out, Do comment.
hege keltini antha bejaru madkobedi, but i wanted to incorporate some hand drawn diags. as you have for that BIAL post for ex. suggest some software/method... Thanking you

yours slurpingly...

Putti said...

Anon is correct about kotte leaves being different, kotte containers we make from jackfruit leaves. The cylinder type idli is actually called Mooodoh(like Rudolph without the 'LPH') and Mooodoh containers are made from 'taalay' leaves .

A.S : Browns is very fammous shop I say. All faaren going aunties and ungals buy sweater and thermals from there only.

Biker avare, thumba thanks for nice stroll on Commercial st. Bhagatrams now in new store aa? When we used to go it was sort of open kitchen in a narrow lane. Still delicious diabetes inducing sweets. We used to eat Woodys food during shopping break.
On one side street we drank fresh fruit juice 2 yrs back. He charges extra Rs for plastic containers and we gladly paid once we saw the galeej water he rinses the reused glasses in.
We also like Dispensary rd, nice salwar sets we used to get. Then walk to Comm St to give to tailor for stitching.

A.S. said...

@ Putti
Oh yes, stupid me--I had forgotten that almost everyone in Boiled-Bean-Land goes to faaren and a biggest woollens shop would obviously be extremely essential [in fact I'm told by the most reliable of sources that the great BD himself derived his encyclopediac knowledge of the German accent and the skill of perfectly reproducing it--Herr Direktor in case anyone has forgotten-- because of a once exile to a southern German winter].

Ok, now before an annoyed BD scolds and obscenely suggests getting a room or other obscene suchlike, lets run away.

maami said...

Food, food and more food.
Not the best thing to read for one who wants to shed the kilos.
Lemme go to Cubbon park and eat worms.

perplexed said...

that woody's fellow never understands the meaning of sugarless he always gives with sugar no matter how many times i tell him and then later when i complain saying it has sugar he prepares another juice without any sugar!!
but my fav place in has to be bhagathram's and the yummy hot gajar halwa that we get there... super!!
also there is one bakery further down naturals, there you get baby bun- its this very famous small sweet bun! its too good with just butter must try you know!
i don't like natural ice creams. I tried some sort of pineapple cake there and it was stale and i told the ppl there and they refused to believe me.idiots!

anoushka taraporevala said...

thanks for the delightful tour of comm street. doesnt bhagatram do a delightlyfully thick lassi thingie with saffron and stuff? i remember drinking it after a particularly hot shopping spree...

The Quark said...

bleddy aasum, I say. Although, I must say that on my last visit to namma bengLooru, I went to Woody's and felt that their quality has gone down since my high school days in the late 90s and early part of this millenium.

I also went to all the old hotels of namma bengLooru when I was there about a couple of tingLus ago, including Veena stores, CTR, Brahmin's Coffee Bar, Woodlands, Vidyarthi Bhavan etc. But honestly, VB is bull-crap now. MTR is not the same and CTR, VS and BCB rock like madu.

And how the hell do you do 40 kph on that comm streetu? I could barely do some ippattu this time I wentu, and that too on a bikeu. ashT tikkal traffic ittu.

Anyway, namma bengLooru is raaking wonly.

Cindy/Snid said...

Ok- from now on I always read your posts with a notepad by my side!

Woody's is one of my favorite places to take people to, although I have to admit to enjoying the upstairs sit down and rest bit. Nice to have some recommendations for some of the different dishes though- I had gotten stuck in Dosa delights...

(40 kph... lol!)

Abhipraya said...

I have eaten in every one of those places you have mentioned. Suddenly I realise I have eaten on that street more than I have ever shopped!

I am going to Comm Street tomorrow and a friend of mine smsed me (at 10pm) asking to read your post before I took off :D

Loved your comparison of Enchiladas to Enchina maraayas :D

Our canteen guy back in college (who was called snowgen) used to serve this thing called enchiladas which looked like a cross between the strange triangular samosas you are referring to and spring rolls!

Ok long comment. Please excuse. Here's to ettanothar mouth waataring post :)

kavitha said...

oh,just wanted to stop by and thank you for ignoring my comment on lassht post. come pain or whine, loyal reader was i...*sniff*

Gugi aka Gogoush said...

GRADWOLF - I have eaten in every eatery in Comm St. for the past 15 yrs but I've never ever even know that there is a MISAL PAV place! I want to die in agony. Please tell me where it is, exact location to location. PLEASE!!! Holding my breath waiting for your reply.

Bikerdude - My favorite topic ma. Lovely post. Mw. Ok? Ok.

Shilpa said...

hey BD, you've been tagged.
And nopw, you don't have to write about your morning routine or your favs :-)

Bikerdude said...

Hai lord. So many commentingsa? So lovely m'n :)

ahuman: yes blightyness has been corrected. Little bit I was sounding like grondfather only. Hey actually I like Lallo's much better than woodys. Nonsense rude fellows the latter are.

apu: Seeee, you come of to kamaraj end of commercial street ok? Then you cross road and take right. Jusssst in corner of kamaraj road and dispensary road you will see one chothe board saying Natural Ice cream. There only it is. Yes no? reg anand.

karan: Aiyo tanks ba. never tried woodys sizzler, nonsense it sounds like though.

van: es es pls posht :)

dewdropdream: Zimble I say come off back what is there.

anonymous: Didnt know there was a diff - thanks to you and putti for the correction. Hey those onions turn pink naturally because they are dipped in vinegar no? Or in lallos do they put colour? Not sure. But yes they are usually very old and not worth eating.

prats: yes so I hear. Even if they arent 100% fab, the dhrillu (thrill) of eating from gaadi compensates I think no?

anu: heh thanks ma :)

nileena: IS sreeraj still open there? Theyre pretty good though (any mallu joint is pretty good actually) :P Oh yeah avoid the pathrode in woodys- meant to write that, thanks for reminding.

pri: Aiyo last fri only I went and ate that kaju sweet there. Lovely it is- almost feel bad for biting such a beauty though!

shilpa: never been to sagar. must try sometime. thanks!

nandini vishwanath: Heh heh come come. I must say I have a kaju fetish also. Especially the non-sweet fried salted ones. Kaju katlis of course I will eat endlessly slurp :)

Bikerdude said...

gradwolf: Oh there's one in rangashankara-land also va? Acha. Yeah never thought much of the comm st one really. Slurp about misal pav place. will go instantly. pls let me know if you recall name.

pri: thup thup (reg pineapple cake) :P Oh yeah that fluorescent green manchuri type thing no? Always wondered what it was. And yes reg those mad names. "My dorling" "Raja Rani" "Merry Window" "Drunken Monkey" wah wah :) And thanks for detailed comment - nice it was. Bidthu items itseems and gaaaaaaaaahaha@ jai durga parking strategy!!

I love Lucy: Aye thu cry, finish and come off I say. Why calling bad words and all. Yes rasmalai is lovely. Same badam milk only they will give in glass also - hae.

as: Heh heh yes Im on a food roll evidently. I've already been accused by a friend of being the Fat old man by the lake. I think he's soon going to be right :( Heh@ comment 2. yes all of us make a ritual visit to eastern stores to get ripped off before travelling to cold countries :P

nakki: Thanks! Cool will check. I dont use elaborate software pa, just lots of mouse dragging and playing with basic shapes and letters. Use visio if you have trouble with ordinary MS paint.

putti: Mooooodoh sounds like lion roaring in mysore zoo actually. Tx for correction i say :) Heh@juice fellow :)

maami: saute them in ghee, and garnish with pista-badam and kesar-elaichi and I'll also come off, what say? :)

perplexed: Yes natural ice creams can be a little annoying at times. Especially that sign that says "no tasting". as if anyone will buy tamarind ice cream without tasting! But still sometimes worth the risk!

anoushka: Thats anand sweets across the road. bhagatrams has it but not as nice. I think anand puts star-anise and javitri in their milk which gives it that gorgeous flavour.

Bikerdude said...

quark: Yes! CTR any day. They just won some dosa-coffee competition sponsored by TOI I think. Though I hope the crowds dont go up from what they already are! I dont think Ive done more than 10kph on comm st though.

cindy: Heh thanks :) Well yeah I gues Woody's is clean and accessible so its ok to go to. Their dosas are not bad really!

abhipraya: hehe lovely@ snowgen enchiladas. You can call them the snowgen farce (trojan horse get it get it, gaaaaaaahaha) sorry :P

kavitha: Aye what you mean men? Full busty comments and all I replied to no? Nwaaansense. But saary ma, this karen and all no? full chakachak he put off comments so little bit I lost off track.

gugieeeeeeeeee: aan woaaakay mine also ma. ok? ok mw mw:) Yes gradwolf, kindly put gugi and self out of agony.

shilpa: uh oh. umm err ok will get back to you on that shall i :)

Anonymous said...


BeediDude, I say, jessht I vant to telloff vun thingk:

Please to revert to putting off nice nice posts about trees/bees/fleas/we s of Namma Bengalooru. I yam thinking SO much youvar useful time passing in putting off comment-reply aphter comment-reply comment-reply aphter comment-reply comment-reply aphter comment-reply comment-reply aphter comment-reply comment-reply aphter comment-reply...phull phatigue for you wonly no?!

Now go off and eat vun number Friendly Ice Cream at korner of Mecca Stores street/Comm's and then putting vun kartoon of (youvar Bengalooru choice topiks) I'm rekwessht wonly.

Captain Nemo said...

yavrithingu ok exceptu won or tuw small detaillsu... damroat maaDOdu boodugumbaLakaayall allva? [englis:ash gourduu]
matte Ibrahim Sahib Streetnalli small small angaDis making 'kuththu paroTas', eggu dosas, aamlates, chitraannas etcetra etcetras in the eveningsu till late nightuu, that you no mentioninggu...

pleaseu try them outtu before recommendingu with usual disclaimersu (if any)...

Anonymous said...

(although: yenjoying youvar commentsu wolso. Very nice of youvargoodself to reply to eechneveryvun BeediFanKlub memberu).

Soon, youvar fan kleb memberu numbber vill exceed the number of bluddy bollocks "Country Club" signboards inside yevery number bungalow in Namma Vooru I yam thinkging!

VAN said...

Jeshtt it was suggeshun I say! Having spent almost all my life in Bangalore studiously avoiding any mention of CS let alone a visit, I can't able to comment.

I do recall one incident when I was made to accompany my Mom and my wife there - mainly to serve as driver and chaperone. Dying for a beer but with none to be had there for love or money, I left them and sneaked off into Woody's, and there encountered the waiters from hell. They kept asking me to eat and 'vacate saar' and I kept ordering one thing after another to sit there and get some blessed relief from all that @#$%^*& shopping!

I am agreeing with ahumanbean...kindly to be poshting on nammVooru barsu and pubsu instead..."Beshtt places to drink Khodays for under Rs. 60/peg" or some such. There I will partisspate much more ;-) Or on the rag that passes for a newspaper in this town - the ToI?

For this post, I am thinking more ladiesu than gentsu are caamenting off? Most gentsu not having been exposed to the wonders of eating there at a tenderage and now avoiding like plague?

desigirl said...

Whatz with our Southie joints and they lack of hospitality, i shay? The chinese ones in China town, London are taking lessons from them, methinks. Yday a bloke stuffed his face and escaped sharpish and none was any wiser. But just when we thot what a luvleee idea it was and if we could do the same, the bleddy waiter came to us. sigh. typical eh?

Sindhu said...

Great Post.

The Lassis from Sree Raj Lassi Bar were a must have for my shopping trips down there.
Also in the spirit of Chappal and jewellery shopping at Commercial's, some photos nodee!!!

Ambujam said...

Will we required the baathroomb after eating in the above-mentioned places kindly furnished by you?

Shilpa said...

hey gradwolf,
yeah, u and i are talking about the same place

Karan said...

@ Van:

See, there are 2 types of gents. One that will go and eat while the ladies shop, and the others who will not go only. I used to be the first type cum driver, but then I have proudly converted to the second type.

Besides, with all the malls and all how many people actually still go there? All you software boys probably don't even know of the existence of non-a/c shopping places.

Sushmita said...

Ah...been to 3 out of 5 places that you've written about. Man i can't stop drwooooooolinnnngggg!!!!

Will check out the others in my next Bangalore trip :)

We chennaiites want more dope on Bengalooru i say!!

VAN said...

@ Karan: Korrekt. I am now 100% Type II non-Commercial St.-dependent gentsu. But as long as CS is there, ladiesu will still go. So one has to be aware and ever-vigilant.

"All you software boys" aa? Whoandall you are calling software boys I say...not me!

Bikerdude said...

ahumanbean: Yes phatigueue only - and no thanks to 100000 comments per post from a certain lentil that shall not be named :) Cartoon now and then I will put pa dont worry.

captain nemo: Aye aye acaptain :)

van: How can van only be driver please tell.

desigirl: No no what ma sometimes very nice the waiters will be. Only in the over popular joints they will be rude. Heh@ failed escape from chwyneeese rest-o-rent.

sindhu: lovely, thanks!

ambujam: Yes, unless you kindly parcel some lovely kancheevaram idly or sambar saam for us to take to comm st.

shilpa: Thank you thank you. immediately I will go.

karan: I used to be type 2 but now I am type 1 without ladies. ie, I go there with express purpose of eating.

sushmita: hello hello :) :) yes kindly to be checking, and more dope shall gladly be given :)

Anonymous said...

Vatodo, it's vun better addickshen then some silly phoren websites I say. There they scare you when I say vatodo. Some western hemisphere webmasters have the bollocks to say" Oooh sweetie, you do know that you needed to say ' Now what would one do in such a difficult situation, darrrling, now don't you?' " And all this they vill tell to me wid vun number withering sigh. Wid pinky phinger wagging in da breejh.

Phull Pity phor dem I say "The pleasures of ouwar wery wown IndKanTamTelugMalllish is ours wonly", no!
So letssh git down to bizniz:

Karan n Van saars there is also:

Type 3: gentlemans who zimbly sit at home/oppice and Black Card fund their leddies. Wall they vant is git their socks knocked off by the net result of all the leddies hi-phashen shoppings at Comms I say! Droool droool they do. Black Card wolso vill git knocked off but heck it's part of all phull phun no?!

Such men are vairy senzible I say.

Type 4: gentlemans who leave leddies @ home/oppice vhile they buy surprise dress for leddies @ Comms. . Silly peepul; they forget to include the receipt wid da cadeau.

Vy silly? Because the leddies vill phast-phast go exchange the cadeaux at Comm's a s a p, thereby giving boost to Bengalooru's gastronomic / tailoring / phashen economy.

Types 3 and 4 are insulin dependents. You'll find them nicely polishing offs Bhagatram's jilebis :)

Anonymous said...

so shilpa clarified we are talking about the same place. they stopped serving misal pav or what?! They had it around 2006 when I went!

Ajay said...

Sooper post it is.... The one on MG road also same same... Ahh.. lovve those small small angdees and tindi shaaps..

Miss all that here :(

I tell off one secret I say... I born n grow in benglooru... still naat saw commercial street :(

This time when I'm in B'lore, I'll deffffffinitely go off to that place I say....

bytheby... What yaa.. long time not sawn you at allll..
Do u shtill remembermeeyaa??

yadu said...

mg road,com street.. next jaynagar 4th block?

Jahnavi said...

your posts always leave me smiling. :) have you tried those roadside hot hot jalebis on OPH road? they are super yummm!!

Anonymous said...

How could you forget the hot, hot kadalai-walla midway on Commercial? A must-eat item on any visit. He sells his Rs.5 and Rs10 pottalams at a handsome premium - twice the price of the same pottalams across from Devatha plaza.

kavitha said...

was jusssht checking ma. pliss to parcel some or all goodies and fedex. TY!

bluejay said...

whaterver u order at woody's please..please...pleaseee don't order continental!..errr..u might think wat kind of idiot orders continental at a place like that.. well..i admit.. me!!...and hated everybit of it!! yes..stick to the good 'ol stuff and u'll be absolutely satisfied!!.

Navneet said...

Sacrilege! What about the cholesterol-laden loveliness of the rolls at Lazeez? All of that double-egg, double-chicken, double-whatnot rolled into that greasy, crisp paratha - dayumn!

Sumi said...

yummy post! bagatram is the best. their jamuns, samosas are lovely and are not expensive either. ask your mama if she knows pinklu ladies tailor. whereelse other than b'lore can one spend their lovely evenings doing things they love, shopping, and eating! is your next post about malleshwaram eatouts?

Lost Soul said...

Have been reading ur blogs for a while now and methinks I am in love with u -- err ur post. Looking forward to next one.

Bikerdude said...

ahumanbean: Ok solpa too much accent has come off. Little bit naarmalcy of occents is being kindly rekyosted :P

gradwolf: Going, going, wait a minute for 5 minute. Will chec out and tell you.

ajay: Oho barbek barbek. Solpa nachke mana maryade ella parcel madkond next time kanditha visit madle beku. Im here only shiwa, how you are? Thanks for checking in!

yadu: haan bande bande. first little bit stomach i have to khali-fy, then I will come. Though I must confess Ive thulped at most places on 4th block already :P

jahnavi: Where where? Never I have had. Pls to provide details.

anon: Haan correct. Somehow Ive never bought from him cos I always felt he was a rip off. Even that chappatte-fied chana fellow (chana choor or soemthing it is called no?) Same type rio off he is.

kavitha: You only parceland fedex your ownself here no? Simpler it is :)

bluejay: Yeah karen was saying some sizzler vizzler and all. But true. If it is there on menu means you must try it alva?

navneet: Oh good aa? never I have tried. Where it is?

sumi: Hehe @pinklu! No she seems to favour the multifarious Raos on dispensary road. Malleswaram already I did off ma laang back. Solpa check maadi if youre solpa bored :P

lost soul: Blush (and chomp chomp). Haan coming ma, solpa blogged out at the moment.

Lost Soul said...

Are you by any chance single? ;)

VAN said...

Caamentsu page has turned from Majestic Bus Stand Loo to shady pick-up joint I say! Waat you are doing about yours groupies, BD?

Anita said...

LOL!!!...majestic Bus Stand...pick-up entertaining it is for mee jusht reading all yaar "Caamentsu"...acha now gurls(?)are liking u off ha???...nice nice!

Anu said...

I have been away from Blore for 2.5 years and this post brought back memories.. I really miss the Gobi manchurian at Shiv Sagar or the roadside Dhaba's near Koramangala. Will be back to read more about my favorite city

Anonymous said...

@lost soul: if u have any queries mail him ma. not like this i say, millions fans gtg offended u see. all love his posts.

also humanbean gtg so much hurt ;)

any new posts coming our way?!


Lost Soul said...

Sorry ppl -- didnt mean to offend -- will do so in future

Bikerdude said...

Aiyo blush blush why all you pppls are scolding for poor lost soul person I say :) And no not offending. OK but shtaapeet now :)

anu: Aiyo now i must go to kml to eat gobhi dry eh? mchxl - what all I must do in the name of inveshtigatiwe journalism I say heh heh

Karan. said...

Aich, full happness for bikerdude. Now his blog has become part 2.

If you were also MP then 2 crores plus soulmate.

What more can one aks for?

RustyNeurons said...

BD, as usual all fans going ga ga over you eh??? good good!
Loved the post as usual, but little problem happened - your usual humour seemed missing (i mean the quantity of it - this time very little wonly) and post was more like a proper foodie writing in The Hindu... So, pleasseee more of ur trademark writing wanting pls..

RustyNeurons said...

Oye, when u changed tagline?? long timaa?? :( looks like I lost a century in between..

kavitha said...

yes, yes...millions in line for BeeDi, pliss to share. :D

ps: is lost soul boy or girl, chumma wanting to know.

Rithish said...

naanu swalpa commetings-alli laate aagirbekalla.. but neenu full right on males waste happening and dying, while women shopping on Comm. Street. Woody's is my wife's fav.. Be it Comm. Street or Ragigudda.. Am a Mangalorean, and never shy at using tulu whenever possible.. You'd be astonished at the speed and alacrity when you to speak a few tulu words "with a smile". Try it out sometime... ;o)

aamele, full thumbs up to Shiv Sagar too.. and ditto on the dripping yellow cheese..

and.. awesome post.. :o)

anoushka taraporevala said...

ahem. i have not been hear in a while. new post required. urgent.

ps: are you chwyneese?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

back to ze pointu:

vy ve singleton peoples always get kqoschinned by married peoples I say?!

my answer these daze is to respond wonly to those who come bearing gifts for me: you know, Brad Pitt on a silver plate types.

Beedi Dude, ve are missing your humour I say. Solpa ajjust and kindly do the needful :)

My bribe offer is a leetle short of vun kodi.I yam offering one number vhisky at Dewar's ;) to get yetanndher vun funny cartoon+post out of youvargoodself

nundri, nundri

Anita said...

what it is??...Hosaa post bekhu!!

Karan said...

Ok, enough you sat at home and rested.

kavitha said...

you, family safe?

Bikerdude said...

Hello my lowlies- sorry for sepulchral silence. Been taking a bit of a break. WIll be back vera soon :)

karan: Heh mad fellow

rustyammow: Ah barbek barbeku :) As if in Hindu people will write toilet voilet and all I say :P Yes tag line has been changed repeatedly, I think you are noticing fisht time only :p

kavitha: Yes ma all well. Just solpa other things doing at the mo - thanks for asking!

rithish: Bahala thyanks ree :) I think boys have a love-hate relationship with comm st, alla? And oh yeah, I know those words! Said with a gesture that makes the listener believe that you're asking him if s/he has eaten :) Right?

anoushka, karan, anita: coming laaaaaaaaaah, comeeeeen' :)

ahumanbean: I am firmly of the belief that such questions are asked begaas misery is loving the company. Is it not? :P Yes please I am loving Dewars bar, and godrej bureau from which quarter bottles will be produced :)

VAN said...

Dewars Bar still wopen aa? I heard closed off? Somebody please can confirm? Phone nobody is answering.

Anonymous said...

My very own mother's very own brother has a long term and speshel association with Dewar's, having lived nexxt door for many years in the good olde Bangalore daze.

Great fish they used to serve along with The Old Bat ( the queen of that bloody blighty place) 's picture nexxxt to the pictures of our very own Indian gods :)

( sorry, mon traduire du comment de 15 Juillet la bas, est overdue, je l'expliquerai demian)

And yes married peepuls can very vairy vairy weird...

Anonymous said...

(yes, sorry, it's moi yettttagain!)

BeediDude - you're phamous! I claim braggin' rights coz I saw it phirst ... heh heh

Just saw your blog featured in a lil' para in the launch edition of the TimeOut Bengaluru rag :)

Page Dix

Anonymous said...

Doesn't pop up online...

It is featured in the print edition, though

Lost Soul said...


Seems like an awful long break. Seems like most bloggers are on a long holiday. Anyways lost soul is very much a gal!

Looking forward to next post.

Anonymous said...

u vanished off wonly..
sob... boo hoo hoo...

Anonymous said...

Rumour is that BeediDude vas lasht sheen downing 18 Godrej Almeerah quarter-pegs at Dewar's...before entering a time warp and slinking into Nanking's on Grant Rd...after a 12 hour stint there, he was seen emerging out the pinnaaadi kadav in Tintin's Blue Lotus garb and smelling faintly of good-stuff. Then, a half turn into Principal A T BaldRaj's residence later, he was seen climbing the protest pole in the Birds Nest stadium...

How do I know allll this?

Because I'm the second protestor...see CNN for phull coverage ;) ;) ;D

Shree said...

entha maaraya!!! Baayalli neeru barisuva post. You took me a on a trip down memory lane. Now I want to go back to India!!!!

Anonymous said...

i thnk m in love! whaat do ya saay to a indeecentu proposallu?

Manhattan Girl said...

Oh no... you forgot to mention lazeez and thier yummy rolls and biryani...
Just thinking about has created a pool of drool on my desk and I dont think my mexcian cleaning lady is going to be happy......

Mithilesh said...

lol...even thou this piece...sounded more like a travellers guide for commerical st....i loved the part that u covered my kid time fav..."Woody" and "Bhagatram's"...thou they have lost their charm right now...especially "BR's" sad...
frankly i surfaced ur last too para's as their kinda losin the touch of exicement the first section got...but eitherways...another trip down memory lane...with "my granny" :)

Anonymous said...

I was in a bangalore as a baby and the only gulab jamoons I knew where the bhagatram ones. I didn't know the name of the shop. When we left to the middle east where I began schooling, I fought with my mom how the kids got dry gulab jamoons to school and I too wanted the same. She was convinced I got it wrong. By the end of junior school, I figured gulab jamoons could be "ball" shaped too and what the kids brought in their lunch boxes were called sausages :/

Anonymous said...

I was in a bangalore as a baby and the only gulab jamoons I knew where the bhagatram ones. I didn't know the name of the shop. When we left to the middle east where I began schooling, I fought with my mom how the kids got dry gulab jamoons to school and I too wanted the same. She was convinced I got it wrong. By the end of junior school, I figured gulab jamoons could be "ball" shaped too and what the kids brought in their lunch boxes were called sausages :/

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