Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yay Ro Smith

Things to do before Aerosmith concert in Bangalore:

1. Curse DNA networks for obscene ticket prices.
2. Curse Aerosmith for coming to India at age 107.
3. Curse fate for being the only freak who didnt get free tickets.
4. Call all the cool people you know for free tickets.
5. Call semi-cool people for free tickets.
6. Call mortal enemies for free tickets.
7. Call gardener's wife for free tickets.
8. Call the single person you know who works for DNA 150 times, take out to drinks, press foot and watch them walk away saying "I left DNA last year, but listen, we must hang out again." with smirk on face.
9. Enter every single "Win a free ticket" concert on Radio Indigo.
10. Give up translating "Jaded" into malayalam in order to win "sing Aerosmith in any language" competition.
11. Buy Aerosmith double CD with every song composed by them and their extended families.
12. Practice making gaspy catfish faces in the mirror while singing "Crazy".
13. Spend a frantic night mugging up lyrics to look cool at concert.
14. Plan clothes that look better wet than dry (its raining, men, in Bangalore).
15. Rush to Palace Grounds in sheer desperation an hour before concert to buy tickets which in all probability will be sold out.


ANYBODY has tickets? I will do foot massaging for 1 month.


RustyNeurons said...

I decided to give it a miss this time! still recovering from Iron Maiden :)

Just Me said...


Well atleast you'll know you went down fighting!

Here I am stuck in a whole different city, with the prospect of coming to work on the very day Aerosmith will play!

Meenakshi said...

stopped by expecting an aerosmith post - and you didnt disappoint :) was working on ten of the fifteen things you mentioned ... still no tickets - waaaaaaahhhh :-(

Vasoooo said...

Two mylapore mami's talk on aerosmith:

mami 1 : enna ambujam edho USA bhagavathar kutcheri varadame

mami 2: aman yaro smith'am

mami 1: yaro smith illadi aerosmith

mami 2: endha vazhiyam?

mami 1: semmangudi madhiriyam; ana konjam kathuvan polairukku; "rock" illayo appadithan irukkum

mami 2: pakkam yaru?

mami 1: theriyalai; kutcherikku polama?

mami 2: enga music academyiliya?

mami 1: ille-kamrajar thidal-en payyan, chicagole irukkane, avan sonnan-aerosmith, barayan adams, stingu ivallam nalla rock paduvalam

mami 2: "rock" unna-namma rajini padathila varume "rock"a muthu rocku-aduva-etthanai neram adaye paduva?

mami 1" abishtu - donkey know camphor smell? adhu madhiriyakkum irukku-rockkungradhu ayal nattavaloda sangeetham. Namma mariyamman thiruvizhale thalayai virichupottu kathinde aduvale-adhe madhiri innum konjam nasukka pannuva-neraya mandolin vasipppa-drumsi pottu vilasuva-saami vanda madiri aduva

mami 2: ada kanraviye? kaligalamella irukku-idukku poyi ivvalavu panam koduthu parpala-washte. naan varalai-"Home work" panren

Mami 1: home worka?

Mami 2: Aathu kariyam

Mami 1: Thaliyalai adichhundu-un kitte vandhu sonnen paar

Ashley said...

I wish I had read this post before going for the show... :D
All I can say you missed a rocking performance :-)

Bikerdude said...

Boss Vasoo!! Too much!!!! LOL

Ashley: I actually managed to go finally- it WAS an awesome concert wasnt it!

Bikerdude said...

Just Me and meenakshi: Did you make it to the concert finally?

Rusty: You did maiden but not Aerosmith? Whaaaat I Say.

lucifer_layne said...

I know this one is too late, but I just surfed into your blog ;-)

I drove down from Hyderabad directly into Palace grounds to watch the genrontology act. It took me around 9 hours. Strangely enough, it took me longer than that to drive down to my parent's place at Marathahalli, after the concert!! ;-)

What has happened to B'lore traffic da?

Bikerdude said...

Err lucifer, it took you over 9 hours to get from palace grounds to marthahalli? Did you push your car all the way there?

But I completely understand your angst at Blore traffic, considering youre from Hyderabad! Uff what a roads there I say! Pls read posting on same subject :)

lucifer_layne said...

Would've been faster, if I ditched my car and walked, I guess!! Hosa Civic and all, so I thought I'd chill ;-) Took me 2 bloody hours just to drive outta Palace grounds, maga!!

Hmm, I did see your post on HYD. Some meanie things you said, and some nice stuff about the city I've been calling home for around 7 years now. Still contemplating whether to thupp or be nice ;-)

I'll be back!!

Bikerdude said...

Yeah man bad idea parking in Palace Grounds for a concert- its been the same situation from the 90s. Grid locked traffic for hours while getting out. Best is to park a km away in one of the Vasantnagar bylanes. Full civic and all uh - too much boss ;)

Reg Hyd: aiyo what I say- Jushtu full kaampliments wonly I hawe givennu.

nikhil said... are fukin hilarious man. keep it up with the creativity and good english with the perfect local mix.

cheers said...

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