Monday, May 28, 2007

You fallow

I have gone and asked this very important theological koschan to various Bangytown residents at various locations:

What if god was one of us. Just a slob like one of us.

Jason M, student St Jo's Commerce: Matsssa, what da? Don't 'ave any better work kuh? Some f*&^all question you'll ask off on a Monday. Coming to Aerosmith thuh?

V Putnanjappa, Lecturer, Vijaya Dental: Alla kanri, seeee, yif gaad vas vun aaf us, vyyy he is naat visibal? If he is visibal, then vy ve have to build tempal gimpal and aal? So... gaad is naat vun aaf us. Is it naat.

Snehalatha P, Student NMKRV: Aye nooo yaaaan, god is one of us only yaaaaan. Evvvry day when we pray for poor people's health he listens yaaaaaaan. Aye tell him nooo.

Shirley da Cunha, MCC: glowers, rolls eyes, turns on heel, looks over shoulder.

Manjunath S Gowda, BIT: Lei, baa illi. Yenande? God aa? Yaake, kannada barallva? Slap Hogu silentaagi. Firshtu, full aagi Kannadadal maatadak kalthko. Gothaytha? Bandbudthaane shtylaagi English maataadkondu.

R A Varadachar, Scientist : Seeeeeeeee it is immaterial what we think, because in the bigger picture nothththting is relevant. You fallow?

K P Vedavalli, ageing aunt : As long as we pray evvry day, do good deeds and have kind thoughts, it dozzzznt matter who or where God is da kanna. (bats eyelids and smiles beatifically)

Gigglemol Kuriyakose, nurse: Nyo nyo. Goad snote van oaf us. Jusste he is uh kamming from heavenly boadice.

Pullala Venkata Sai, software engineer: Jushtu, I want one clarificationnu. When it is naat paajbull to prove thissu, why we are trying? Arriving at conclujon is naat praababul. Therefore attempting to saalve this praablem is naat feajbul.

Bikram Soni, real estate agent: O yaar, daffynutely yaar. God ij vun of us. Yasterday only I saw him eating butter chicken bonelass near Forum yaar.

Assad Eddappa, page 3: I reeeely don't think he's one of us. How would he let Bangalore close down at 11:30 if he was, dahling. And seriously, if he were one of us, the least I'd expect him to do is dressss well. You know- wear clothes that fffit him. Bangalore neeeeeds a role model. You know?

MN Seshadri Iyer, branch manager, SBI (retd), Malleshwaram: You maadarn generation people koschan yevverything I say. Simply aping this weshtern idea of rationalizing yevverything is naat necessary, isn't it. Some things are naat meant to be understood, and Gaad is vunnaaf them. Better you accept it.

But.. Is he a stranger on the bus?




Pri said...

Shirley da Cunha, MCC: glowers, rolls eyes, turns on heel, looks over shoulder.

WTF? Being MCCite[?]uh Carmelite i am muchly offenced.

But yeah God is definitely one of us. Unfortunately the eediots kept him out of the playing eleven for the test series. Eeediots i tell u.

Bikerdude said...

Hehehe gotcha. Don't 'buse me men. Was trying to say the cool ones don't qualify such koschans.(simper simper)

Yes bloddy phulls they are (I think)

Vasoooo said...

Local Chennaiite settled in Blore:

Ayye inna saami inna deivam? adu paatukku summa kundikinniruuke-adha poi inna vambukku iyukkre...rejpitte (respect) kidyadu unkku

What about Mandyam maami's response?


RustyNeurons said...

"yevverything" !!!
Must have heard it a hundred times at home!

Bikerdude said...

heheh too funny vasoo.

Mandyam Maami: Anthk pa ithe pathi ella yochne panre. Mor saan saawtoot haathk patpo begon.

(Why are you worrying about all this pa? Eat your curd rice and go home fast now)

Bikerdude said...

Lol me too rusty- yevverything, yennything and wondraful - favourite words of the 50+ generation.

Vikster said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pri said...

Boss aeroplane ticket kalstheera?
Nimige free concert ticket + free date! Enantheera?

Bikerdude said...

Where y'all went men? I thought some Kyatsandra Kormangla you will be sitting.

Hows this for an idea: I'll watch the concert myself and tell you all about it ok? ok.

Pri said...

enri? namma blog url odakaagalva? jusht EMMETIKKA to bengloor one way ticket kalsi cause I DONT WANNA MISS A THING... air india nu parvaagilla. only make sure 'love in tokyo' hudga is sitting pakkadalli. ok na?

Bikerdude said...

Heheheh @ emmetikka. Mentle girls please come off permanently to Benglurs I say. Denver anthe.

When I am rich and/or famous, I will reimburse ticket fare.

Love to John. Tell him to stop singing out of his err.. nose, and that Mr Tambrahm man requires your presence in Benglurs.

Pri said...

oho angaadre seri.
ree i dont know what it is about your comments but nodidre i feel like removing drishti nimige. [lowers eyes, blushes like gulabi hoova in kannada philum]

Bikerdude said...

Vikster, kindly name next child any one of the following:

Slaju Dominic
Red Sea Mol
Jincy Mathews
Tims Kutty
Tikku, Tukki, Ernu, Inu or Oxymon
Johnkennethgalbreith Verghese
Errolflynn Punnose
Bratislav Kumar.

Choice is yuvers.

Bikerdude said...

Uyyo Pri- Saaise bittralri!!

Yar now you must come to Benglaur yaar. Vods this. Aapko toh aana hi hai. Phorum shorum mein phillum dekhke, pub shub jaayenge uske baad? Hai na.

Pri said...

CHAL HUT! [hee i didnt know how else to spell 'hut' but its making me giggle uncontrollably every time i see it]

but aap request karenge to hum aapke dil nahin dukhaayenge. himmesh jee ki latesht phillum ke liye chale kya? but only after snakes at gullus chaat phirsht. are you knowing if he is making the dhokla or the thepla?

Bikerdude said...

Himmesh's picture I will come with asterix-like sprigs of kothambri soppu stuck in either ear. As for theplo dhoklo- arra ra.. instantly I will come. Slurp.

Bloody no really nice Gujju restaurants in Blore no? Except that apology of a gujju thali at Sukh Sagar in majestic.

Bet there are more in Denver than Benglurs.

Pri said...

bwahahahaha @ kothambri soppu
and i dont actually like thepla/ dhokla. ive only eaten it in class [courtesy the kind north indian girls] and in class one will eat anything.
i dont know about gujju restaurants here. there is one decent Indian restaurant [called the TAJ MAHAL! entha unique name alva? i was there just this evening actually and giggled when i wrote out my check to 'TAJ MAHAL']
the worst part is that there isnt a single andra restaurant in the city. are you to be knowing of any in Houston. Research tells me you've been there and eaten there. Tell fastly begaas i am to be moving there soon and the availability of good Andra food could be a very important factor.

Bikerdude said...

Most of Gujarat lives in Houston so theres plenty of Injun food to be had there. Apparently the area next to the temple serves the best Injun food including South Indian. Other sundry Indian restaurants dot the country side like a rather unpleasant rash. Needless to say I gave them all a miss when I went there.

Y'all are gonna lurrrrrve Texas. Ah kin tell fron raght heer. Muhuhahahaha.

Pri said...

"Y'all are gonna lurrrrrve Texas. Ah kin tell fron raght heer. Muhuhahahaha."

How mins u are concluding this?

Also Houstanige yaavaga vaapas?

Bikerdude said...

Houston is not a nice looking city for sure, but wipe the dust off the surface and you'll find lots of stuff to do. I also think the people are much friendlier in Houston than at most other Emmetikkan cities Ive been to so far. Besides- Ah lurrrrves the accent!

Nesht yaavaag bartheno gothilri.

Pri said...

This one "friend" of mine was shocked that i was thinking of moving there. she was all like oh Austin's lovely. It's more classy but Houston is filled with Mexicans and Desis. i dont know why i even know such people.

Bikerdude said...

Haven't been to Austin and yes Ive heard a lot of ppl compare it favourably to Houston. But whats there (a) Its fairly close by and (b) Houston is nice enough to live in. Latinos and Desis notwithstanding (both of whom I kinda like actually) :)

Pri said...

well ya! the "friend" is desi herself, just a little stuck up.
i cant wait to move!

Catch Burgundy said...

dhanitoo cool dude...... was just chatting with my workmate about the different personalities of bangalore and this entry is a spot on description..... he he

Dee said...

Brilliantly written... Was able to put a face and personality to everyone of them..
By the way, neevu obba call center employee opinion thogolakke marth bitri... and a foreign return software guy too...

P-Mode said...

Bikerdudeblr, thumba funny guru.... Just added this link on my facebook account. Looking forward to more new skits..

The Megalomaniac said...

hahaha! good stuff dude. really well done. stumbled upon ur blog recently.. hooked to it.. keep it up bro..

kc said...

Loved your take on 'Assad Eddappa'!!!! Having met the real 'Assad' I can say that his answer was spot on!!!! Love your blog!!! said...

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