Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Half century!

Have a fab Pongal/Sankranti, y'all!

And this, my dears, is my 50th post.


Prats said...

Happy Pongal. yeLLu bella thindhu, sihiyannu maathanaaDu :)
Great artwork...
Congrats on the half century

Aparyapth said...

Congratulations on the Golden Jubilee. Congrats again on a wonderful blog!

Rambodoc said...

Wonly fifty? Wot man, you need ta blaag more no?
This is not like family planning, get my point?

maxdavinci said...

pipty daana? good start! may you reach 200!

Poojitha said...

Gongraatulatiions saare...

ammavoda kolam book effecto???
Pongal nalvaazhthukkal 2 u 2!!!

Divya said...

Merry Pongal and Happy Sankrantri.

Congrajulations on the half century. Watay joy no to have produced 50 fine offsprings...hmmmm

Will you kill me if I say I blogrolled you?? please please dont.

kavitha said...

Congrats on your fiftieth :)
Iniya Pongal Nalvazthukal!

Bit Hawk said...

Happy Sankranthi dude!
And congrats for the landmark!!
Yours is one blog that makes me wait eagerly for the next post. Keep the good work going!

Bikerdude said...

Uyyo many tyanks childses. Your utsukate is what has lent me the protsahane for lekhane :P

PS: This blog is also exactly one year old as of this post.

prats: Thanks!Monne yeLLU overdose aagi rathre ella eddidde :P

appa-ryapth: Pongalukku-pongala thaan comment adippiyo? :)

rambodoc, maxdavinci: Thanks!! What I say, 50 blogs in 52 weeks is alright only no? Job also I have to on side, remember :P

poojitha: heheh corr-rekt!

divya: Heh sure, I wont kill you as long as you leave your supercool Hyderabadi comments regularly :P

kavitha, bithawk: thanks muchly!! :)

usha said...

congrats on that!
d'u also maintain a count of ur blog fans? count me in too :)

happy budday wishes to your blog! btw, you just reminded me that it's ekjactly 1 year since my blog was born too!! hifives for that!

do keep up the gud work!

CW said...

Congrats on the ore kal rendu maanga milestone bikerdude! You rock!

Pri said...

awww maiden half century! raise bat and bow to crowd now. random girls will run towards you with chocolate in their mouth avoiding policemen and umpires on the way, doing that weird dance.

no no it's not the mushrooms.

congrats beta!

Harishhh said...

Meanwhile, somewhere in malleshwaram...

"50 posts-a? Celebration time I say!!"

"Rajannaavre.. 2 plate dahi kodi"

"congratulations guru!!"

"haan kotte shiva kotte!!"

Bikerdude said...

usha: Thanks :) And happy birthday to you too!

cw: Thanks!

pri: Err thnaks. Nin blog al saldu antha illu cricket commenta? Haiyyo! Send me those mushrooms now.

harish: Lol perfect!! Thanks siwa :)

anoushka taraporevala said...

fifty hmmmm

seems like only yesterday when....

keep on riding high, dude!

Pri said...

on this joyous occasion we demand long post on um i dont know growing up and living in a tree house? something. also kindly make it fast.

I love Lucy said...

Same to you kannappa, bikerdude!
You know...the highlight of this week for me has been getting to eat yellu from the famous subbamma's angadi thanks to a friend's in-laws who just came to town :-)

RustyNeurons said...

I hope the count reaches to fifty thousand in future! :)

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