Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hungry kya? Carols ga!

The terrible part of last week was that I had to do the million-mile schlep to E-City for a training programme.

The bad part of last week, was that the training programme had a homework assignment! I pleaded with the taciturn trainer to let old men like me off the hook, but my passionate entreaties fell on deaf ears. I was left with no option but to drum out a jargon-filled prez, dressed up with my infamous technical diagrams. Since the trainer didnt die laughing or make me stand in a corner after he saw it, I assumed he'd just eaten bisi bele bhath, or was just plain stupid. Not that I was complaining.

The good part of last week, was a chi-chi-pooh-pooh concert at the Park Hotel dahling, attended by Bangalore's insufferable who's-who. What was I doing there? Well, aside from showcasing my natural talent at being insufferable, I was also playing sound engineer for the evening's performance: A Christmas concert by my music group.

The choir had been rehearsing 3-4 times a week to get this concert together. The first half consisted of excerpts from Handel's well loved Messiah. (You know, the one where the conductor runs 440V up everybody's spines and they go "Haaaaaa-le-lujah! Haaaaa-le-lujah!" in perfect 4/4 time.) Being on a break from singing and all, I was deputed to perform the supremely arduous task of hitting the play and pause buttons between soundtracks. Blonde Swedish counter-tenor, sweet brunette German soprano, and the extremely talented Girl 1 (Mallu soprano, choir director) were in full form, as always. The choir was tight, well rehearsed and comfortable. The mood lightened up considerably in the second half, though the music remained just as tough to perform. Swedish and german carols, jazzed up versions of popular christmas songs, Girl 1 going slightly nuts on "I'll be home for Christmas", and finally, the quick paced, but light-as-air Carol of the Bells.

The wonderful part of last week however, were the free cocktails and hors d'oeuvres after the concert. Yes, I use this word specifically, as I ate like a hors till they were all oeuvre. While wine and cocktails flowed like water, the ardors of my crazy-ass week melted away happily into nothingness.

And the best part of last week was the "order whatever you want on the menu" dinner for the performers, after the concert! Haha! If the poor Park Hotel staff was expecting a bunch of air-kissing, food-picking socialites for light dinner and polite banter, weren't they in for a surprise! Especially when they had to reckon with Bikerdude, the lean (err), mean (uh-huh, oh yeah!) eating machine! Muhuhahaha.

Moral: Never offer free dinner to a hungry choir.


PizzaDude said...

//hors d'oeuvres after ...... as I ate like a hors till they were all oeuvre.

Haa Haa.. Totally loved that one :D

Cindy/Snid said...

Your posts crack me up... ;)

Preeth said...

Merry Christmas brother. And happy birthday also da.Btw, why is that always, the worst of the week is at the workplace and the best at the playfield?

RustyNeurons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I have not read the post yet, will do it now :)

RustyNeurons said...

hmmm... so you were in EC - good good! for those who have forgotten the travails of traveling to place like EC, this is required once a while to remind them how lucky they are to be within the 'city'!
hee hee..

Aqua said...

LOL @ "I ate like a hors till they were all oeuvre"

so y're quite the page 3 types aaaa? :) hilarious post.

10yearslate said...

Seeing that hors d'oeuvre is pronounced Odoo, does it follow that after you ate like a hors till it was oeuvre, did you 'odoo' from the scene?

Spunky Monkey said...

Happy Birthday!

Bikerdude said...

Thanks all for the b'day wishes :)

pizzadude, cindy/snid, aqua: Thanks!

preeth: thanks saarey. yes i need to fix that soon!

rusty: ammowru, get another job no? youve been doing that schlep way too long!

10yrs: Full English hesaru bandmel hubli kannada mishtik aagoytha? I certainly did not odo until the last morsel was down the hatch :P

aqua: Yes until the funny man that edits page 3 got pissed off at me for throwing up down his collar.

Divya said...

I like the way you structured your write up. Keep it up.

??! said...

what this whole time eating-eating? No indigestion you get kya?

unpredictable said...

Dude .. happy birthday.. belated wishes albeit ... hope u had a wonderful time!

Prats said...

hey belated wishes for your birthday...hope you had a great time?

VeenS said...

the cartton is really cute n funny!!

"hors d'oeuvres " this part was too good!

eating m/c ehh??

loved the post as usual

Bikerdude said...

divya, unpredictable, prats, veens: thanks :)

?!! Nevah! Unless its cabbage or peerkangai or something.

10yearslate said...

Saahebra..bhaaL sorree ree, baere kade sikk haak-kondidhni.

Nimag gotthir-bek-alla!

Aen haeL-li heNN makkaL vishay-daag thelee haakidra chaNd, kai-kaal ellaa mur-kond hogoodha gathi!

Neev-aen-ree num bagge hing haeLtheeree! Naav appat unreconstructed Dharwad mandhi, Kannad heng mishtik maadooN-ree?

Bikerdude said...

10yrslate: Allva matte :) Welcome back to kannadland ree :)

Momcy said...

supah.. just loved it... humorous was the way it was described..