Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Bengalooru Slonguaze Dictionary

If you are dying to be hip with the latesht Bangalore street slang but do not know how, look no further I say! For here is a yo man service rendered unto the kanglish slanguage, compiled by Vidushi PriKutty and Vidwans Kasyaapagowdru and Bykaradoddanna (ie, my kindself), otherwise known as:

The Bengalooru Slonguaze Dictionary
A compilation of the latest slang words in the Kanglish language for daily use.

Aa? : Universal question tag. (is it? are they? was she? shall we? etc.) Often mistaken by non - south indians as mispronunciation. When an auto driver asks you "Leftaa?" he means "Left, is it?" Variation: "na?" used when the last sound in the question is a vowel. "Koramangala na?"

Adjushtu: adjust. Most important word that originates from the accomodative nature of all Bangaloreans. "Solpa adjusht maadi shiva." "Sir one more banana buying means it will adjusht within 10 rupees." "Sir traffic signal jump fine kodi." "Urgent ithu saar, solpa adjusht maadi"

Adu bere : That also. (That was all I needed). "Adu bere kedu"

AJM: Short for Akkan Jusht Missu (Lit: Elder Sister just missed) 1. Minor disappointment 2. Narrow escape. "Aye ticket siktheno?" "Illa lo, AJM agoythu." Do not use in polite company!

Bekitha : Was this required? A sort of "I told you so". "Boss, idu bekitha antha."

Bombat : Fantastic, excellent. "Aye hows your car doing?" "Oh bombattagide kanla."

Boss : Term of address. Used to call friends, auto drivers, waiters, conductors etc. Should not be used much aside from among friends. "Boss, one gobi manchuri dry."

Budding: Short for Brigade road Up and Down. bangalore's most popular pastime. (Also Mudding - MG road Up and Down)

Byawarsi : Lit: heirless. Useless, vagabond, ne'er do well. "Aye thoo byawarsi, sumne iro"

Chindi : Lit : Torn piece of cloth. Fantastic, fabulous

Chitranna : Lit: flavoured rice. (1) Fantastic job (2)Broken to bits (3) Badly botched job. "Sariyag madthini anth helbittu full chitranna maad haakidaane nodri."

Da : Term of address for friends, inferiors or younger people (borrowed from tamil). Rude when used in a non affectionate sense or with strangers. Fem: di. "What da, where y'all went yesterday?"

Deal : Nefarious activity. "Yeno deal maadthaane maga"

Escape : General departure. "Naan oota maadbit escape aagtheno, don't mind aitha?"

Free kotre phenoylu kudithaane : Lit: If its free, he'll even drink phenoyl. Curmudgeon, compulsively economical person.

Goobe : Lit: Owl. Stupid person. "Lei goobe, yaar ninge license kottiddu?"

Goodhlu : Scam. "India nalli education fullu goodhlu boss."

Gumpal Govinda : Lit: Govind in the group. To blend into the crowd. "I have gone gumpal govinda to see movie"

Guru : Lit: teacher. Also used jokingly to call a friend. "Yen guru, aaraam aa?"

Gubbal : Dumbass "Loose nan maga gubbal thara aadbeda lei."

Hawa : Lit: Air. To scare someone. "Full hawa itbitte aa loafer ge innond sali illige barodilla"

Hengythe myge? : Lit: How does your body feel now? i.e, Im going to beat you black and blue. "Yendande? Dhuddilvaa? Yengythe myge?"

Hinde inda Urvashi, munde inda Bevarsi : Looks like the celestial nymph Urvashi from the back but a vagabond from the front.

Jai : With enthusiasm. "Naan jai antha hog koothkonde alli". "I went off to college jai antha"

Kachko : Get stuck. "Sorry maga naan traffic nal kachkondiddene"

Kanjipinji : Meretricious object/activity. "Why you're making so much fuss for one kanjipinji job boss"

Kui : To lie, to bore. "Kui beda maga."

Loafer : Vagabond, flibbertygibbet. "Thoo loafer, get out I say."

Macha(tam) : Lit: Brother in law. Used commonly among friends, though not in polite society. "What da machaaa, not coming uh?"

Maga : Lit: son. Dude. "yeno magaa, yellidde isht divsaa?"

Mane haaLu : Lit: Ruiner of a household. Use to describe expensive things, and people who don’t act in your good interests. "Mane haaL maadbeda", "Aiyo mane haaLa, ningen bantho roga"

Maneyalli hel bandya? : Used for reckless drivers Lit: Did you tell the people at home? (ie, have you informed your family that they have to make arrangements for your funeral?)

Meetru : Lit: (autorickshaw) Meter. Gumption/cheek. "Yeno, eshto ning meetru?"

Mishtik : Lit: Mistake. Used for errors, leave, illnesses, sudden departures, misunderstandings, deletions, etc. "Yeno nenne officege mishtik aa?" "Haudo, nenne mai mishtik aagithu. Yake, manager yenadru andra?" "Yenantharappa avaru. Full mishtik aagbittu solpa hothu kirchaadidru. Aamele full scope itkond ondu dodda mail kalsidru. Adhara bagge yaak sumne thale mishtik maadskobeku antha odhdhe mishtik maadbitte." "Thoo manager emails na yaako mishtik maadthya? Adhe neen maado dodda mishtikku. Eega avaru nin mele mishtik aagthaare. Matte neen mishtik maadkolthya. Full situationey mishtik aagoguththe."

Naayi Paadu : Lit: Dog's work. "Nanage yaake ee naayi paadu?"

Nan maga : Lit: My son (ie son of). Usually used in conjunction with some other word. "Thoo, waste nan maga he is". Not a polite phrase at all. Has complicated undertones. Use only among close friends.

Nimmajji : Lit: Your grandmother. Another phrase that has hidden meanings. Do not use in polite society.

Off : Transliteration from the kannada "bidu" : "I came off quickly" (Naan bega band bitte). "I sat off there only." (Naan alle koothkond bitte)

Oh what a. : General exclamation. "You won lottery aa? Oh what a!"

Ooshtu : Prob from the english Oust. Exhausted. "4 ghante basket baal aadbit full ooshtaagbitte."

Osi jeevana Janma pavana : Pile on (Lit: Free life, happy existence).

Pigaru : Figure. (girl) "Machaa, aa piagar nodo!"

Pitilu : Lit: Fiddle (violin). Braggart. "Avan bidu. Bejaan pitil aadthirthaane."

Saavu : Lit: Death. Terrible or Awesome as per context. "Boss that movie was saavu only".

Raiyya: From the English "Right" (used by bus conductors after passengers have got off or on at a bus stop). To leave/depart. "Boss picture mugdid takshna naan mane tava raiyya."

Scopu : Yap/boast "Lei, sum sumne scope thagobeda"

Simp-simply : Translated from the kannada sum-sumne. For no reason at all. "Aye don’t simp-simply come and dishtrub me I say."

Sisyaa : Lit: Student. Patronizing term of address to a friend. "Sisya, ba illi, koothko."

Siwaa: Lit: Shiva. Another term for dude. "Alla siwaa, naan en helthene andre...."

Suryanige torchaa? : Lit: Are you shining a torch to the sun? "Boss are you teaching him kannada badwords? Suryange torchaa?"

Ucheyal meen hidithaane : Lit: Catching fish in urine. Cheapskate who looks for opportunities in the most shady conditions.

Uh? : The anglicized version of "aa?" above. Usually blends into last syllable of the previous word unless it is a vowel. "What daa, didn’t go to college juh?" "Not well, luh?" "Wont come tomorrow also vuh?" "Watching movie yuh?"

Yaar nin chair na alladsidru? : Lit: Who shook your chair? Why are you so perturbed?


Tamu said...

Bykaradoddanna!!! nee thumba sakkat :-)....

RustyNeurons said...

Not Bad!(patting self) I knew quite many of them already :)
Man! your hold on the language is quite good! ;P

Bikerdude said...

Thank you thank you tamu and rusty. Must say a lot of help came in from pri and kasyaapagowdru.

rusty: apparently 75% of kannada slang has been around since the 40s! Time to change that eh?

RustyNeurons said...

Yeah, I would have expected IT revolution in B'lore to have thrown up some more in true software style. Looks people are too 'bisi' coding!

SloganMurugan said...


comment_raja said...

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho: Uttered while examining person, up and down,and then saying things like "neevella elli", or "bandiyaa baa baa" - in order to make person in question feel like a complete ass.

Tapan said...

Brilliant thing you've got going here. What made me misty eyed was 'just miss', which me and my cousins love to pronounce as 'jaat mees aato maaraya..'. And yea, 'naan en helthene andre' deserves an entry of it's own... it's the most beaten to death sentence ever. :)

Mo said...

Thankies for the brilliant compilation!

And sheesh, I have been using some of those words without knowing what they really mean!

Bikerdude said...

Slogan: Heheh you bet, I should have included Yabba as a word in there :)

Comment: Ohohoho bandbutya stylaagi? :)

Tapan & Mo: Thanks ri. Pls to think of more words for release 2 :)

Vivek said...

yappo yappo !!! sakta super bombat aagide man !!

Mark IV said...

wow.. truly useful...
a horrible time in bangalore without the knowledge of "Goobe"
always wondered what it meant...

btw, whats maadu baekku? with my tamil background, the first time i thought the auto guy was callin me a dumb cow!

Thejesh GN said...

bisketu : hudugi bisket hakbutaalalla guru.

bella : easy one: a balu bella guru. used while playing cricket.

Thejesh GN said...

some more:

1.nimma padada xerox kodi swalpa
3.dove hakbeda
4.ittidiyale maga - you have guts

Bikerdude said...

Thanks Vivek :)

Mark: Maada beku (a is usually clipped off) means "have to do" :)

Thejesh: Boss! Modhalu nim paadada xerox kodi! Thanks for reminding me of all of those words. Nesht time add maadthene

Siddharth Nair said...

Bombat post raa. Fullu intranettudu chitrananna maadidane.

footnotz said...

Here thanks to Vivek! And, I have this huge grin spread all over my face reading it - maneg vapas bandangaite guru!

May be your next endeavour should be to get the slang from the girls' point of view! what say?

Mo said...

I cannot able to think of more words yaa.

There is slang from girl's point of view??

Bikerdude said...

Thanks sidharth mo and footnotz

I only know old lady cusses like Bevarsi, Dharbesi, Dhraabe, Kaage, Guge and Kaththe (not to mention mundedhe which is not polite). Any others pls to be telling for next compilations

comment_raja said...

Hegna, Aane mari, Chandaali, Sule (i know, i know), jagath mindri (courtesy: zygote)

i will write more, after a good bout of meditation.

Bikerdude said...

Ane mari, Kudure mari, 2, 2, 2.

Jaganmindri is also my favourite (though Im reserving all those for a cussword dictionary to be published in 2030 when all such words will be used in normal conversation)

lucifer_layne said...

Bayankara, machchan!!! Good to see that this is still colloquial in B'lore! It's been ages since I called someone a Gubaal or a Badi Magane for that matter!! ;-)

Here in Hyd, I get my (sorry) kicks by yelling "Maa ki kirkiri". ;-)

Bikerdude said...

Lol Lucifer, yes I hear Hyd slang is very colourful indeed. My hyd colleagues have me in splits everytime we get together.

Mark IV said...

aaah... but u must understand the shock of a tamil on the first time in. its bad enough that common vocab there sounds like someone's scolding me!
i survived my half a year in blore with a 'solpa-solpa' for any question that had the keyword 'kannada'. and 'guru, eeredu kings'...(sometimes an even worse hindi-kannada-tamil mix with 'guru rendu kings dho')
i relive my worst moment when i asked this guy for directions from koramangala 4th block to indranagar (a brief stint near TGIF)- 'guru, right maadi, solpa straight, leftu, purstu rightu, straaaaiiiiiiight hogi'.... (add the salsa mix with the hands as he says this)

anyways, like the wierd rj keeps saying in that red half-a-months-salary bus- "enjoy maadi"

Eldo Scaria said...

This i think is the comprehensive list. Not sure what half of them mean though, maybe you can help out...

1. Half Mulder
2. Akkan Just Miss
3. Chindhi Chitranna
4. Oosht
5. Mataash
6. Kalaakar
7. Colourgalu
8. Gandhi
9. Dagar
10. Long
11. Kirik Party
12. Daulat
13. Sink
14. Escape
15. Pyaade
16. Jing Chack
17. OC maal
18. Kaanji Pinji
19. Biscuit
20. Sketch
21. Spot
22. Adda
23. Hawa
24. Khiladi
25. Karamat
26. Kurp
27. Mama
28. Jataka
29. Chappar
30. Chulu
31. Karaab
32. Udees
33. Dove
34. Figar
35. Kaal Haku
36. Sisya
37. Katlaisko
38. Maanja
39. Yenne Party
40. Jol Sursodu
41. Ganchali
42. Child nan maga
43. Dabba nan maga
44. Compro
45. Pataysu
46. Tight
47. Chamak
48. Dum
49. Saman
50. Mom
51. Tooth Madke
52. Punta
53. Tubelight
54. Ool Hodi
55. Vaanchu
56. Goobe Kudsodu
57. Oor Suthodu
58. Beat
59. Heat
60. Reel
61. Aeroplane
62. Fit
63. Tent Hakodu
64. Tikani Hakodu
65. Ditchi
66. Guldu Khan
67. Sight Hodi
68. Ticket Togolodu
69. Meter idiya
70. Deal aagogtiya
71. Chatri
72. Apeet agbitta
73. Yen Buddhi / Devuru
74. Aaykonbita
75. Dose Hodiyodu
76. Goosa
77. Future Figar
78. Medluge kai haakodu
79. Bucket Hidiyodu
80. Yen Maga
81. Mindri
82. Kai Bidodu
83. Ate Hakodu
84. Scoot aagbitta
85. Kithkond Ooytu
86. Thook
87. Jhoot
88. Gubald
89. Waste nan maga
90. Bun Bidu
91. Bakra nan maga
92. Karaab Scene
93. Piteel Raja
94. Punk
95. Poat Aagbitta
96. Dengbittru
97. Muchkonthira
98. Kachodu
99. Bejaan
100. Aile nan maga
101. Kaditaiddiya
102. Scheme
103. Machine Bidodu
104. Deal Madsodu (exam)
105. Kai Yethodu
106. Nigroodu
107. Chamcha
108. Kuyodu
109. Alladistaaiddiya
110. Blade Raja
111. Aunty Figar
112. Ghana Kaithane
113. Koja
114. Tapaas
115. Guraisodu
116. Scrap
117. Piece
118. Pimp Rani
119. Nakra
120. Goli Kododu
121. Mama Kelasa
122. Devur Filam
123. Ujaadodu
124. Dwamsa
125. Kaage aarsodu
126. Yethhakond Hogodu
127. Shokey
128. Dhool
129. Bathi Idodu
130. Roll Call
131. Adbidde
132. Touching Touching
133. Hakontiya
134. Masth
135. Pista
136. Jamaisu
137. Blast aagbita
138. Bugs Hodiyodu
139. Boss (Dad)
140. Seize
141. Pinda
142. Lodde
143. Kutuksu
144. Tooth fielding
145. Korug Beda
146. Hakki
147. Bitaak
148. Stepney
149. Bandli
150. Othla
151. Bomb
152. Tak Antha
153. Katte Hodidiya
154. Right Yelu
155. Hiika
156. Pump Hodiyodu
157. Pull
158. Awaaz
159.Kaage harsodu
160.Apeet aagodhu
161.Hoola bidodu

Pri said...

Vo my gaad. We must write a complete pustaka ree. What was that last comment? lol @ future figar.

Bikerdude said...

Uyyo Eldo! Thank you thank you. Ellinda Do not the worry, Pri and I will shaartly explain all the hidden nuances of those words to you ok? ok.

Pri- Camaan I Say

comment_raja said...

I had a good laugh over Pimp Rani, Tooth Fielding, and 'Muchkonthira?'

I dont know what tooth fielding is, but it shall be a part of my staple diet from now on.

Eldo Scaria said...

I'm a Banglorean stationed in Sharjah for the past few years, and a friend gave me the link to your site. Good to hear a few old terms.

On the last few visits home though, Bangalore seemed lesser of Bangalore, the lingo has changed...

A cop who caught me for 'wraang parking...' fined me in Hindi. A drunk parking attendant called me a BC and not a SNM (S___ nan maga)

This particular list i got from a hardcore Bengaloorian colleague, a certain Mr. Angadi, i have no idea what his source was.

Cheers and hope you can crack them all. My favourite is 'touching touching..."

NOx said...

Adbidde anna ninge ..

Bikerdude said...

comment_raja, thumba meter haakbeda, illandre ninge tooth fielding maadbekaguthe (ie I'll thulp you so hard that you'll have to field your teeth as they pop out of your head)

eld: lol abt touchin

nox: Thagothaaaaa irbeku (samadhana ie)

super nan maga said...

makkaLaa it is thooth fielding not tooth fielding... thooth fielder is that guy you always have in your cricket team... if a shot is hit towards him it's boundary vonly!

Bikerdude said...

super nan maga: Thumba Thyanksu. Naan sumne ond bouncer haakde, AJM aythu.

Sadyakke nim paadad scan kalsi solpa.

Anonymous said...

Too good. :)

sou said...

bid bid nakde saar affice alli.. yella nim daye.. :D

@ eldo - whatte list i say.. tumba tumba tanks!

rj said...

nan magne :D bombat ittu

Its been 3 years since i left bangalore, you just helped me relive those old days!

thankingness guru!

ajnabi said...

Dagar was excellent. Reminds me of college days, where in there as Survey Lata Dagar... (Name: Lata, Branch: Civil, Activity :x@#$%^& Excellent post

Anonymous said...

Yedhva tadhva boss! Bejaan bombaat maad haak butidya?! Comments page odhi haalu kudidhasht santhosha aithu.
Initially henda kudidhu kothi thara egraadi, pekran thara nakki nakki bidhe... Then after being told by colleagues that I am behaving eggzaktly like the disgusting Sidhu in Indian Comedy show, brought down the catharsis to a mellow whimper & giggle... Long live your precariously balanced madness!


Bikerdude said...

thanks sou, rj and ajnabi :)

Bikerdude said...

Kastapgowdrey! Addbidde! Yella nimde daye. Nim yaav body part dhu xerox thagolli antha gothaagthilla. Full bond appa neenu.

myths said...

wow! thats quite a collection !
U made me miss Blore more now :(
but thanks for the refresher!

Ajan said...
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Anonymous said...
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Bikerdude said...

Thanks myths and Ajan :)

An anonymous poster (whos comment was a little too risque for this blog) sent this link, which seems to be quite comprehensive:


Thoppai mama said...

Ondh bitt bittrall-ree


'Sakat punter-gaLappa avru!'

Num HubLi-Dharwad dikshunry kaeLtheeraenu?

Byaad bidri, nimm Kivi kemp aag hodeeth ellyaar!

Bikerdude said...

Uyyo- beke beku sahebra.
Bega bardu helri. Time waste madbedri.

The only poem I know in Hubli- Dharwad kannada is:

Kudibyadri kudibyadri
Kudidhu handhiyang gutter nyaag bilbyadri.

Anonymous said...

maga, Wiki li ondu article shuru maadbeku "Kannada Slang", idanna beLsodakke...then it will become a living/changing/evolving list of words.

Rithish said...

gurugale.. yen hel-li naanu... tumba tumba thyanks.. :o) blog jote nim-dondu paada-da scan haaksi.. :o)

chaitanya said...

and all...translation of 'adella'.
adella maadakkagalla is ' that and all i cant do'

Bikerdude said...

anonymous: naat ya bad idea actually. Madona.

ritish: 30p seeme-yenne xerox saaka? :)

chaitanya: Lol- perfect. Sounds like my 'macha what da' crowd's daily lingo: Where from and all these people come off only I don't know da.

Spunky Monkey said...


(Please please note use of capital letters, used in order to heighten the admiration)

Penguin said...

Whattay super awesome post, and whattay superawesome comments on it ma! I spent two hours in office running to get water, just so I could get away from my desk to get a good laugh :-)
Also can be added to list - Yeno rop haakthiyeno? - Same same as Awaaz haakodu.

Bikerdude said...

spunky, penguin: bahala thyankses rees-gaLaa ;)

Maddy said...

fantabulous kanri!!
lemme list down a few ..

1. these days the word 'raju' is in use. synonym of boss
for eg:
to a waiter, "Aey raju, baappa illi .. yen speciallu?"

2. 'kanla' as in "Alla kanla .. naan helirlilwa ninge?"

3. 'hoge'
meaning:(literal) smoke
meaning: (usage) something turning bad or something screwed up or a fatal event.
'news banta maga .. ninne nam kannada meshtru HOGE haakondrante'

4. Benki
meaning: (literal) fire
meaning: (usage) wonder (as in chindi), awe, destroy or spoil (as in chittraanna) etc. etc.
'nin mukk ishtu BENKI haaka'
'yen maam!!! disti (distinction) naa? full BENKI annu!!'

Maddy said...

some mild cusses to be added as well:

1. Chintaamani
meaning: (usage) stupid/idiot
meaning: (literal) A place
'aaha yen tale maam nindu!! CHINTAAMANI!'
PS: to be used under sarcastic circumstances only

2. Tapeta
meaning: (usage) stupid/idiot
EG: 'Lo yen TAPETA no avnu?!!!$@##'

3. Halkat
meaning: (usage/literal) gross/nasty person
Note: i believe its borrowed from urdu/hindi.
Eg: 'Yeno HALKAT? yen maadak hortidiyaa?'

4. Halal/Alal series (personal favourites)

i) Halaltopi/Alaltopi
meaning:(usage) a person who fools around
Eg: 'Nim maga ond dodd H/ALALTOPI aagidaanri. swalpa sudhaarsi avanna...'

ii) Halalkora / Alalkora
meaning: (usage) a nasty/gross individual
Eg: 'Avan jothe serbeda. avn ond dodd H/ALALKORA'

5. Haiwan/Aiwan
meaning: (usage) A known goon/worthless human being
Eg: 'Yeno H/AIWAN? bere kelsa ilwaa?'

6. Baddi-maga
meaning: (usage) rascal
Eg: 'BADDI-MAGA tappskondbitta kano avnu ...'

7. Gunna
meaning: (usage) dent
Eg: 'Yen maam ... mukhad mel GUNNA?? yaar haakiddu?'

Anonymous said...

Yee..thuu nin makkistu..(shame on you)
Putta(dude..).. Padde(girl)

nimayyan..(bad word.. ex:hoga nimmayyan)

Anonymous said...

Yee..thuu nin makkistu..(shame on you)
Putta(dude..).. Padde(girl)

nimayyan..(bad word.. ex:hoga nimmayyan)

Anonymous said...

Good read.. enjoyed reading many of your blogs :)

I can think of Othala : meaning timepass. "Enu bare othala na??"

Keep up the good work y'all!!

Anonymous said...

sakkat guru mastaagaite.. bengaloorina savi nenapu ukki bartaite... nenne koosaglella ivattina pieceaglaagbittavre..

great post dude... jai karnataka maate

Rasputin said...

Man, this really had me in splits and some fond memories of bengalooru came rushing back.

Xerox Ink Sticks said...

Not bad! f you are dying to be hip with the latesht Kanglish street slang i guess we've found it right?
My friend told me she bought it and she was on the floor rolling of laughter.
She read some stuff to me and i was tearing.

This is great and more people should know about this!!


the dreamer!! said...

sakath!! :D

Deadman Inc said...

Sakkath biscuit post guru! Please continue maadi, one from my friend:

Hinde inda Personalty, munde inda Muncipalty :P

Jinu P said...

thank you!!! this list reallyyyy helps when you are a northie and the guy u r dating assumes you know alllll the bangalorean lingo considering he is bangalorean and u r telugu! hhehe :D

I need a feckin printout of this damn list! :D

Anonymous said...

i am surprised i din't see - suryangae torch hakodhu.

Anonymous said...

muklyare(ass) mast aagi ide...

PrincessJasmine said...

LOL! I have heard similar versions in Telugu too!

beast-666 said...

hmm.. maththe..
Petromax (outdated allva?) aka stepney
TurremaNe - grater -for buckteeth
oLu- popularized by Uppi..aka Burude, Bundle
rile bidodu
MaTha hatthsodu
uDadaaradalli neNa haakikollodu - hanging self with the string found around the waist?
Lemme see if I can remember more :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... cant think of anything to add except for "what ra, f**ker"

Anonymous said...

pakudae mane dove! hahahaha! I think this was very well complied! it made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Osi sidig banni anna..... illandre chombaeee.....

Anonymous said...

kerkolooku time illa

bhushan said...

same variant, tolkolakku time illa and after comig to US its become varskolakku time illa.. :)

Another few which I remember is
Chamkaisu,shaa,kay kay, kaeys---..

And there are many in the lines of
Suryange torcha?
Guru ge tirumanta na?
And some others, of a degree higher though..

And there are so many slang gaadegalu too...
most of which are again of a higher degree... :)

bhushan said...

and ya how can i forget koole,kwatle,hajaama,.. :)

"bejaan koole/kwatle maadidvi guru"

"eno hajaama el saiytidiyo?"

And thanks to bikerdude for the awesome blog... :)

Chandan Nallal said...

hilarious! nice one

Karthik said...

Guruve...yenno nannindha adhadhdhu...

Gundu hodi (scoring zero in subject or batting score or even shaving your head)
matta hodi (bunk the class)

eska - (ninna ajji eska lae!!)

dumki (fail the class)

Ajama (barber...even for cussing)

buda ke haakku (yorker length bowling)

beesu - swing the bat / hit somebody

bagbidu - bend down - ondhu sari bagbidu helthini

dailagu - comment - avanu sakka dailag hodhdha maaa

alladisu - bandhu bitta alladiskondu/alladisokke

maneli helbandiyaa??

Thappale nalli chammachaa .... this is hillarious ....

Gandhi - shiva avanu gandhi kano

Gandhi class

nuggu - ticket bekadhre madhya nuggu

Food for thaat said...

Salpa late-aagi bande.. adjusht madkoLri..

Monne, namm hudga yaranno noDda 15th cross Eat-Out hatra.. the conversation went thus..

Friend: Alnod maga figarru..
Me: (after a long and ultimately disapproving look..) Bidu maga namgintha onderd-moor varsha chikkouLu..
Friend: so???.. "Hindina koose mundina piece-u".. anda..

p.s: Bhaari cholo bariti bidpa..

Singari Scientistu said...

This is AWESOME! I'm a Bangalore Kannadiga but grew up learning squeaky clean Kannada at home. Slangs were banned in my house and I never really knew the meaning of many of these expressions until I started working with Telugu, Tamil & Mallu Bangaloreans! You've done a great job, especially because your command over English is equally good. I find it very disappointing and frustrating when people with great local language skills are not able to translate juicy colloquialisms into English very well and the whole meaning, flavour, and significance gets lost. You've just justice to all of these. I'm in UK now and am gonna forward this link to my friends in the US. Again, this is AWESOME and great effort!

Anonymous said...

awesome job! would like to add a few:

thamma: (lit. younger brother) bro, dude. "yenla thamma, yengaithe maige?"

kadar: awesome, amazing. "alli noDu mama kadar piece voythaa aithe."

praje: citizen. "aa nan maga ond swalpa ailu praje" or "yakla praje, nigraaDtha iddiya?"

soppu: (lit. leaves) weed. "sisya, soppu hodidu bandya mom?"

mom (pronounced as in mām: friend, dude.

ailu: person of questionable sanity

ezeecoupons said...

Thuppaaaa - Very easy

Akshara Raghu said...

soooper :D just amazing..
one thing..AJM can be used in polite company also sometimes..AJM-ayyo just missu ;) :)
good work :)

manoj patil said...

maga ee blog na create maddorge nanndond salaam .... :) adre turremane anno word matra bitbitidira ...... :)

Anonymous said...

sakkath machi... chindi chittranna le.... ellondu dictionary sikthu nange.... ellaru kaledu hogthare odtha edre....

bettada mele ero nooru shaatadalli ondu shata oythu kanle... nanu yake thalege ula bitkobeku.. :P

Anonymous said...

What a post ma! Need you to come back to blogger, BikerDude!

Anonymous said...

sule nataka: one who plays drama as though he/she is completely unaware of the actual fact....

Ana_treek said...

super andre super.."dove" bitbityallaaa, ganchali, dabba nan maklru..write one more, I say!

Anonymous said...

in DRAMA film song thund haikla savasa,
TK venktesa means t-ka kobbina venkatesa means very arrogant fellow.

What is the meaning of KWATLE sateesa

Cool.. said...

here are few more:

kalchko maga
egrisi odhitini
tagolla latta mane munde chatta
hoge hakombidtu maga

puneeth bharadwaj said...

aDbidde devru!! aha.. yen listu.. soooooooooooper..

Rishi said...

ellrala idri ishtu dina.......... Kanthri yaakrala bitriiii

Anonymous said...

One more to add to this list:

Sheke : means tension or irritation
Example : Sumne sheke madsbeda maga .. aagle maneli full scene aagbitidhe hudugi vishyadhalli

Anonymous said...

One more to add to this list:

Jack : making someone feel superior or great, just for fun
Example : One friend tells the other "Eno maga full biceps bandhidhe just 1 week gymming madi"
The other guy says "Sumne JACK hakbeda maga, naan innu gym serkonde illa ;)"

Anonymous said...

One more to add to this list:

SHAKE : Make someone get very scared
Example: Namma boys na karkond hodhe nodu awana manege, FULL SHAKE aagbitta ..

Anonymous said...

One more to add to this list:

SHED : Very depressed or unhappy
Example: boy1 : Yako maga fullu SHED aagidhya? boy2 : Dove sakkath kai kotlu maga adhakke..

Anonymous said...


Alfonso Green said...

Funny that all these are words I have used at some point in time and they still amuse me when I read them aloud :D. Thanks for publishing them. I'm sure lot of us would have refreshed old memories. Guess you could add a few more...
tappas, peevot, thukali, minchu, shaa, aaiko (and i'm sure there are more)

Anonymous said...

slum mu

Nimisha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nimisha said...

Haha this is good!! :D
I tried to remember a few school slangs in my blog-http://nimisha2391.blogspot.in/2013/10/back-to-school.html
Plus you forgot 'yappa', nin akkan, badnekai/bendekai,adumkoli saar

Apurva said...

Lol this is awesome, actually makes you miss home!

Another one - Giving Kai (translated directly from "kai koDodhu")

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