Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A kannada movie in little Delhi

Yesterday, C and I did the million mile schlep to Forum to watch a movie. I hadnt watched a kannada movie in years and Mungaarina MaLe seemed like the best one to break my kannada movie fast with. Err, or not!

I was late as usual. When we reached Forum (the Dalhi that Bangalore never had), the parking guy insistently directed us to a Reva charging point and hovered around anxiously. The charging point looked like it would short circuit if I plugged my car in. The parking guy looked like he would weep if I didnt. I muttered a quick prayer to Maini motors and apologized to my li'l junebug before plugging it in, hoping it wouldnt strangle me with its power cord for leaving it alone with an eccentric socket. You gotta hand it to old Forum for being Reva-friendly though, to the point of stuffing it down your throat.

We battled the "yaar I voj talling him yasterday ki yeh nahin hoga" crowds all the way upto the theatre and joined the serpentine queue to get in. When we finally walked through the permanently squealing metal detectors, the guard nonchalantly sent us all the way back downstairs to check C's laptop in. Schlep schlep, huff puff and back up again. Back in the queue, a similarly affronted NRI was yowling away at the unflappable theatre manager for "naat writin' a sign outsahd tellin' people to check their laptaaps in", much to the amusement of everyone around. "Yes sir defnitly next time I will write. Please side sir, other people are vaiting."

The movie: Bad Idea. Forum insisted on playing the audio at 10 million decibels. The story line was ludicrous and involved the hero continuously falling into a series of drains filled with black goo. Didn't hurt his looks, for sure. The heroine had two big moles on her ageing face that seemed to get bigger and bigger with every scene. Anant Nag, long past his chocolate glory days of the 80s, looked and sounded like he had been hit with something hard and blunt before every shoot. The villain had a facial tick and a drool, and spoke with a fake-as-a-40p-coin kodava accent. When a white rabbit named Devadaasa appeared on the screen, we left.

Apparently a younger star would come in half way through the movie and make it all better. We didnt have the energy or resolve to stick it out long enough to find out. The photography was quite nice though completely lost in the useless storyline.

A movie so grossly horrendous that it was enjoyable. Brinnnng back, brinnnnng back, bring back 80s kannada cinema to meeeee, to meeeee.

PS: Excuse pls, what is meaning of Mungaaru??


nigel said...

i would be extremely wary of leaving a laptop behind, checked in or otherwise, in a mall!

let me describe the scene in one of the three-and-half malls we have in south bombay: short diminutive lady, hair in bun, standing with a large sized tongue cleanser in hand. bindi on fore-head and cap on head. and a black tie to boot, with bottom sticking a mile aft. u walk or wait per the raising of the tongue cleanser, that is used to signal a 'come into my parlour' jeeeze

RustyNeurons said...

BD, you have squashed my plans of watching the movie. I knew it was bad but for the cinmetaography and songs. :(
PS: Mungaru - Monsoon

Bikerdude said...

Thanks rustyneurons. Ah, so that's what Mungaaru MaLe means - Monsoon Rains.
I must say the monsoon photography was beautiful- Coorg in all its glory. Pity about the rest of the movie though. Please to tell me resht of shtory after devadasa rabbit makes appearance. If you do decide to go, please take ear plugs with you. PVR has to be CRAZY to play the movie that loud! Kasht kaala.

RustyNeurons said...

okie, this one is totally out of context - but I had to ask! A six footer, how does yous manage in REVA???????!!!!!!!!?????

Bikerdude said...

Solpa kashta but I do :) its much larger on the inside than it looks on the outside. Slight falling from grace for a biker eh ;)

Love it though.

comment_raja said...

Speaking of kannada movies, im a huge fan of suhasini, and bandhana. where are those lovely movies gone? where is she these days?

i cannot stop laughing about the rabbit named devadaasa. good lord! (is what they mustve been thinking about eh? :) )

Karthik said...

I wanna watch Mungaru Male too.

bikerdude said...

Bedapa karthikeya, dont do this to yourself!

The last kannada movie I watched in a theatre was America America in 1998. Quite nice. MM in comparison was err..

Pri said...

the "yaar I voj talling him yasterday ki yeh nahin hoga" crowds

Very nice. I've been known to describe them in less polite terms.

Also since when is there a security check at a movie theatre?

Bikerdude said...

After the IISC bombings men- what to do :(

Anonymous said...

Good lyric

I saw Mungaru Male, lyric written by Jayant Kaikini is very nice... what u say ..''

Rithish said...

naanoo nodide.. hero enu PJ bidtaanappa... avana kaalu hididu gode-ge hodeyuvashtu kopa bartaa ittu.. heroine antu 38-inch waist hidkondu aache-eeche hoguvaaga, nanna yede mele garagasa eleda haage aagtaa ittu.. matte nimge???

tech said...


First time on this blog. Pretty funny stuff I have to admit! Had me in splits for a while. You're added up to my RSS feeds now!

PS: Sister Stella rocked, with "Halyo, my naime iz Stalya" et al. Really funny stuff from Priya Ganapathy and I had no idea that she no longer is at Bangalore. A palpable loss!


saurabh mishrikoti said...

hey actually mungaaru means "pre-monsoon".

Anonymous said...

Part about forum was true, part about movie not so true,it had really nice dialogs. you must not be watching south Indian movies anyway if you are looking for smarter heroes and small butted heroines. :-) .

aditi said...

ah finally someone who thought the movie was bad!!
i was surrounded by people who seemed to think mungaru male was the best thing ever to happen to kannada cinema!
i cannot agree more with you..
i managed to watch till the end though.
america america is very good.

Jyothi said...

"We battled the "yaar I voj talling him yasterday ki yeh nahin hoga" crowds"
hahahaha!jeez BD u are a friggin riot!!whattay find is your blog, i say!bhesh bhesh romba nalla irukku!!:D
I'm totally wanting more posts!:D said...

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