Friday, December 19, 2008

Benglur Talkies

Hello hello peeps, sorry for the sepulchral silaans. This time, at the insistence of this mad person, I am going to torture you with my first talking blogpost. Gaaaaahahahaha. So kindly have it, Part 1 of:

Bengalooru Blahnteru
(Secretly taped snappy snippets of day to day Benglur talku)
PS: If you have a dodgy internet connection like I do, you might want to hit the pause button and let them buffer a bit before listening...
1. Heard outside the Basavanagudi NRI association..

2. Secretly captured on cellular phone at Lounge de la didah.

3. At Lunchtime in Electronics city, Phase II


Harishhh said...

ROFL! Seriously amazing talent you got man! Old habits die hard! ha ha! Too good!

maxdavinci said...

wo gaad ganesha

yestray eye took my oifu.....

superest postu bikeru babu. late-u be the you come-u but-a latest-u you came-a. eye very much-u be the likes-u dees kain aaf post-u.

edukondalavada be the gives you more power-u to think-u more-u like this-u.

Prats said...

lol!!!! Super post I say....especially the pulsu eating, gultu...yappa...

Next timeu please to send inviteu for that very happening the verrry loud Dandiya

Chethana said...

nice to see yu back after a laang time!

theja said...

not bad :)

Mohan K.V said...

"eno maneli heLbandyeno? bevarsi ... darbes peede" ROFLMAO!!!

And Hyamalatha, too! :D :D !!oneone!

Matski said...

Aiyo!! Stomach hurting laughing, but I keep playing back for more stomach hurting laughs :)Check out the accent on "civilaaised" .....enna accent enna accent..udanai "wurrrrst" "sahasranaaamam" chollarade paaren!!

And whatay name pick..Hemalatha wifu..teeheee

soda said...

GURUU!!! u r gaad wonly i say...the nri dig was out of this wuld wonly

RukmaniRam said...

the nri thing was uber good

sthitapragnya said...

Bikeu babuu!!! Sooper abba!! Sooper ante sooper anuko!! the soft-where gulti's better-halfu, aafter heering zokeu, became 'bitter'-half aa? aiyoo, fantabasticabulous i say!!!
More gulti stuff for this humbull gulti reader of yuvars pliss!!

The Pretentious Priya and NRI Narasimhachari are unbeatable too!! Loved them totally!

Gradwolf said...

ROFL it was too good....client server model lol..the second one sounded like someone straight out of a madhur bhandarkar movie!!

like max said, late ah vabdhalum latest ah vandhuta biker babu!

BG said...

OMG! i cant stop laughing....

simply supeeerrb......

Carpe Diem said...

Eppida da unakku ipidi ellam moozhai poradu?? :) totally mental I say! I have played it out to Gen-20th century in my house and they were doing the stomach crunches in a whole new style!!
-matski (I am confused about my identity:))

maami said...

I lurve Hemalatha's pappu eating hujbandu!

Anonymous said...

too much i say the messy husbandu

Pri said...

gahahaha. boss i swear i know this nri uncle. perfection i say. we want more!

Anonymous said...

Yeverthing is sooooooo aaaaarganised...byavarsi nan maga thoo yaro ninge license kottidu! Hilarious

Anonymous said...


Sahaja said...

babboi...too good ante too good asalu....
very nice esp the first one!!

narendra shenoy said...

Ascending new levels of lunacy! This was totally brilliant!

Hindu Atheist said...

Sooperragide. Amazingu I say!!

Anita said...

aaawesome I say!!!...esp the telugu saaftware boy`s rendition...had a good lauf bikerdood...keep em coming!

Which main? What cross? said...

Where's Frazer Town Machcha?

RustyNeurons said...

I loved the NRI uncle and the gulti husband... You are a brillant i say!

Sampige said...

Naamu Iyengar mama. Oh Oh Oh. Waitu pliss while I wiping my tears off my face-u. Not sure if the first is better than the second or if the second is better than the first. I dont know much about Gulti person. I think I am more the second person HA HA HA!! Too good. And give yourself a wetnoodle whiplash for not posting anything new in a L-O-N-G time!

Anonymous said...

This was brilliant even by your own standards, dude! I miss your blog!

nomad said...

#3 was by far the best.. it made my half gulti chest swell with pride ;-) still can't get over the pulusu, gunpowderu, ginpowderu....

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ROFMLAO. even tho i don't understand kannada that cussing at the driver made me LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious I say. I must have heard the nri uncle-u in shankar mutta I swear! Oh btw you are on I say, too much I say!

Ranjini said...

jesus, that was hilarious ! pls oh one more of our ever so congenial auto drivers !!

Anonymous said...

Awesome :) The NRI missed an all important word "Daahlar". That one word uniquely defines the NRI accent

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha! Superb stuff. Loved the gult guy in the restaurant best with his saphishticated saaftware humar. The Iyengar maama from Yoo Yes Yay comes a close second... "sahasranamam lessons" rocked. More audio posts please! Use every stereotype in the country please, and of course, one of Jaggesh.

10yearslate said...

Hyaee, bhaaL andhr bhaaL besht itth bid-ri sir-a!

Nukk Nukk saakaagi hoeth. Num phamily, hudgoor-n kardh keLsidhni, hingaakkyth nod-ri BengLoor kade hvaadhr..

next dharavahi daag num Hubli bhaashe maathadtheero, illa bundh ondh yaard bigeelo?

Bikerdude said...

All: Gosh!!! Thanks so much I say!!! I thought you would thuppu at me for posting this instead of writing!

Sumi said...

Welcome back! Missed your posts. This is just awesome. Best is the sahasranamam class by this NRI guy. hahahahaha, you are the best buddy.

dj said...

Hey there *buddy*! :)
I like the traffic effects!
Hilarious man.

A.S. said...

Sheer genius!

Bharathy said...

Wow, absolutely entertaining! why aren't there people half-talented like you in the indian tele-serial business, sigh!

Bharathy said...

Oops sorry, i meant half as talented as you!

Anonymous said...

Saar bari blank screen kaanistide... ad bittu innenu kanstilla.............

Ramesh Srivats said...

Superb man. Especially the NRI guy. Let's have some more.

Kavitha said...

LMAO. The NRI unggle's faux accent which kept fluctuating was awesome.

Wicked said...

HILarous!!!!! Absolutely smashing! Love love loved it!
Please do some more!
Especially like the NRI cussing bit - stroke of genius!!

sanjana said...

client server concept!!!! lol lol.. LOL,,, hahahahahahha...
awesome I say!ROTFL


Scribbler said...

Am I the only person dying for a 10yearslate translation? :D

Suchee said...

Wonderful & Hilarious and just a slice out of our daily happening around us. Please keep such post coming more often.

Surdeep said...

Being a dyed in the "gunpowder" and "ginpowder" gulti all I can say is, "Amazing it is, I say!!!"

Bedazzled said...

ha ha ha ha..loved the pulusu-file server joke .. !!

Sunil said...

Loved the Lounge de la didah piece...

Ananya said...

The software guy is perfection! Brilliant work!

10yearslate said...

Hyaee, bhaaL andhr bhaaL besht itth bid-ri sir-a!


Nukk Nukk saakaagi hoeth. Num phamily, hudgoor-n kardh keLsidhni, hingaakkyth nod-ri BengLoor kade hvaadhr..


next dharavahi daag num Hubli bhaashe maathadtheero, illa bundh ondh yaard bigeelo?


Jens said...

Please someone, make a lexicon of these words! There are so many interesting words, but for those of us who do not know, what is "dharavahi", what is "hubli"? Please make a vocabulary list. :)

Somebody Else said...

LOL. Good stuff BD!
First one was spot on, rather.

But what do NRIs from Malleswaram say I say? They swear in shuddha English aa? Or no, they get back home and blog about eet? I think I know. :)

SpaceMonkey said...

Awesome. Period.

Anonymous said...

i really wanna thuppu u maaan, too much.

Anyways after long time, u poshtu, n after a week later i see this poshtu, and even after long time, am still not able to download this stuffu, blame the dic.


glegend :)

Scribbler said...

Yay! Thanks 10yearslate, now I'm happy. No post from Bikerdude, however genius-type like this one, is complete without a comment from you.

Jay said...

Thie was sakkath guru!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING... brings back fond Blore memories... :)

Anonymous said...

too good, i gotta view them atlast. loved it.
neighbour says shabaash.

Bikerdude said...

All: Thanks again I say for all the lovely things said :)

10years: I agree with Scribbler. Your comments are the best part of all my posts! And hello, namdu ki nimdu ke oorin ke kannad barthare-illa. Kindly you yuvarself do one and post off I say.

Mithraah Indiirh said...

Oh me good lord!
I loved the second one and yes the third one was fantastic too!
The second one sounded so Prasad Bidapa though :)
And the Andhra guy was well...
I used to live that side...
I tell you, it's like that wonly!

Anu said...

Like they used to cheer school goals...

We want another one
just like the other one...

okay maybe slightly different:-))

Super work dude.

anoushka taraporevala said...

you, dear man, are the best ever. i have been listening and n-listening to these all week. the andhra husband took the cake, or it is pissu? (what is pissu, by the way?)keep up the great great work

Dilip Muralidaran said...


Curry Pan said...

fantastic! please keep them coming!! I showed this to a whole group of people I was eating with (christmas lunch), a kannada group, and now you're a religion!

okay i've officially given up on my exams - i sat and read every post on your blog!!

Write more anna!!

Anonymous said...

I know at least 5 people (some friends) who've settled in the US who say "dental appointment" that way!

Eagerly waiting for your second installment.

gugiinsingapore said...

yappa! 2nd one sounds like diwali-mixture of me and aunt! i've got the heebeegeebees!

Anonymous said...

dont forget the mallus!! :D

Anonymous said...

just noticed and had to ask. our andhra saaru vaadu has 3 homersimpon/popeye style hairs aa or sottai in the mottai aa?

Aditya.R said...

Chindi guru! Telugu guy and Iyengar maama were amazing!

gauri said...

ROFL! The others haven't left me anything to say...but boy, are you amayssssing! The last guy took the cake...peo-pule it seems, LOL!

Got here from Desipundit :)


shashidhar said...

soooper.. nri du sooper..

Anonymous said...

Top of the line...great stuff

Lak said...

The NRI thing was brilliant. For some reason your scripts remind me of T.P.Kailasam's works. Were you inspired by him by any chance? Or is it Master Hirannaiah?
Whatever it is, its amazingly refreshing and ultra-brilliant!!
Keep up the good work and pls keep it coming....

Bikerdude said...

Mithraah Indiirh: Yes no? Biddamma only :) Thanks!

Anu: Aan wokay wokay ma coming coming :) Thanks

anoushka: Heh thanks. Its pulsu - a sort of andhra gravy dish

Dilip: Thanks :)

CurryPan: Aiyo blesh blesh, thumba thyanks ri. Odhappa odhu!

Anon: Haha thanks :)

gugiieee: Yes da raja, aamaan da kanna :)

anon2: Essess how to forget I say, comin up :)

curdriceaurora: Haha I love sotte in motte, too funny :)

aditya r: Thyanksandi :)

gauri: Hehe I think ive touched some major gult nerve no? Jesht Im lowing it :)

shashidhar: Thyanks buuudddy :)

anon3: Thanks!

Lak: Ayyo what ma full TP Kailasam and al you're syaing! Full honoured I am! Thanks muchly!

ran said...

lol... i swear ... @ lounge stuff .... such hypocrites ... lol again

teknicsand said...'re a genius!!!!

kicking.and.screaming said...

You scare me. Do you know how much I hate bumping into these aunty-types? Im going to be meeting a whole lot of them again soon. You scare me.

Ramprakash said...

i keep coming back to listen to these over and over again! they're absolutely fantastic! you should make more soon

SpankMac said...

Dude. Holy shit!

Do your legs often buckle under the weight of your talented head?

This was brilliant! I've been an avid reader of your blog. And since I cannot enjoy these audio posts at work, I had left them for home but had forgotten about them.

I am glad I remembered now.

Going to move on to Part Thoo now. Jolly I say!

(Seriously, move to Hollywood and become waraLd famous please.)

Anonymous said...

Man, you have some talent and brilliant observations skills. My first visit to your blog, certainly will drop by more. The next time I make a radio spot, I know that I would not have to scout for talent.

Arvind Krishnan said...

Brilliant dude.. nice work. :)

Sandeep said...

he he :) Good work!

Arpita said...

Whyyyy are u so super witty?? :D

Loved everything i read on ur blog! Keep them coming pls!

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