Monday, June 9, 2008

Radio Goo Goo (or Radio Ga Ga Part Too Too)

My slightly less-than-reverent post on Bangalore's chatterbreed seems to have attracted a fair amount of attention from the accused. And for those of you who quite understandably skipped reading the comment track of the post, here are the responses of some of the RJs who wrote back after reading it:

Manasvi (AIR) said:
Glad to know you love AIR. Many people call it old fashioned. But those who work there would only know the effort it takes to be a part of AIR. and the number of restrictions we have to consider before every word is spoken.

Priya Ganapathy (ex Radio City) said:
One of my friends told me to check out this blog and man, i haftu admit, u guys made my day!! Full majaa happened. I can't believe that there are quite a few who still remember the 'Core FM team of Radio City!' and so many who loved the Retro Show & the Late Show. I had an awesome time while I was there, and it feels utterly wunnerful that u were listening. For those of you who need an update on my life - I quit fulltime radio but now host events, do voice-overs and am back to writing. Travelling a lot... but if I find a radio station that's calling out my name - u can be sure to hear me on the airwaves;-) Till then, take care and thanks for ur wonderful messages! Yours in music n madness - Priya Ganapathy/Lingo Leela/Sister Stella

Rashmi and Prithvi (Radio One) said:
Can't start without saying that your post Radio Ga Ga brought a smile on all our faces on a day when Radio One works without takin a pause - Friday (25th of April i.e last week). And this of course included my station head Shyju Varkey, the breakfast jock Prithvi, Ulfat Sultan a k a Agent Rakesh, a few of our sales guys and me. These instances makes us feel good of our presence in the market and assures us of the connect we have with our Bangalorean Buddies just like anyone of us at Radio One who find an instant relationship establshing with Chamrajpet Charles of Prof Sultan. Thank you so much for the support and of course for tuning in.

After a couple of emails to and fro, I realized Rashmi and Prithvi's Radio One office was almost next door to my workplace, so off I went last Friday to meet them. Acutely aware of the high fashion state that my friday work wear was in, I decided to accessorize a little by smoothing down my frazzled hair with some good quality BWSSB water before meeting them. Thank you 30% relative humidity, in the 3 minutes that it took to walk down to the station, my hair was back to resembling the Great Indian Macaque again.

A pretty Rashmi breezed into the foyer as soon as I came in, and took me inside to meet 'everybody'. Very soon, a nattily dressed Prithvi was shaking me by the hand and leading me into the recording room. Inside, the pretty RJ pavitra (adh yen neer kudeetheero pa, nangu solp kodi (what water you drink-o-pa)) was at the console, studying all the intellectual smses that were coming in from her listeners. "Hai SXZVLW. Hehehe" flashed the most recent one, which she efficiently deleted with one graceful schloomp, while turning on the music, feeding the cat, doing her taxes and calling back an smser in another fluid motion.

Rashmi and Prithvi dragged me out of the studio before I could fall at Pavithra's feet and beg to be accepted as a disciple forever, and whisked me away to the main office. "Yaar ivrella?" (Who are all these people?) I asked looking mika-mika at everybody, feeling exactly like the legendary Boré Gowda did on his first trip to the city. Tinkly Rashmi laughter bounced off the walls of the office. "Ivraa? (These peopleaa?) Well, the guy sitting over there is RJ Anjaan, and this person here, is your friend Ulfat Sultan", she said pointing to a smart dude tapping away industriously at what I'm sure was his next hilarious clip. "Oh hi", he said, looking up momentarily. "Abb..ab.. gnh", I said, waving weakly and pretending to melt into the floor.

The station director came out soon enough, and at that point I completely lost it and gibberred away incoherently in Kannada. There was a light tap on my shoulder. It was Prithvi. "You know all those nice things you just said to the director? Yeah, so he doesnt speak Kannada." he said. "Oh hauda? Hehehe mhemhe", I simpered and turned back to the director. "Adhe budhdhi, nim radiyaa aithallraa? Bhal beshtyth nod budhdhra. Belg-belghoth jagli myaag kuntkaand kyaalthen nwaadi." (Charming programming, dear sir. I enjoy listening to it greatly as I sip my cha in the breakfast room), I continued in an inexplicable pan-karnataka halli-mix. For some reason, the English section in my pea brain had decided to pack its bags and take a vacation to Nelmangala.

Before I could cause any more embarrassment to the director or the staff, Prithvi and Rashmi dragged me out, still gibberring away furiously in Nelmangalese. They finally lured me into the elevator and out of the building with promises of a bonda at Kaycees.

Aiyo, mast maja banth ammawra - swaamyoi! Bhal thyanks kanra.


narendra shenoy said...

Great! keep going, brother!

Poojitha said...

orrey the hairstyle...still guffawing at d bikertoonu...ho ho...

A.S. said...

Dude, considering that you probably met me ~20 min after this-- or in any case a few hours later (unless "last" friday is poetic license)-- I'd have thought that you'd still have been full of this excitement... I'm shocked that the only thing you mentioned about the day was the birdpoop! BTW, I thought the Great Indian Macaque resemblance was part of the fashion ;-))

Chethana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chethana said...

shouldn't try like that to hide highly fashionable hair-do, pa.

In case it is of any relevance, nalli neeru in Railway Tashion is the best hair-setter I have known. Esp. if you wantu slide into Radio Tashion next.

Pri said...

hehe mental boy. che paapa they didnt give coffee tea snacks na? also the chinese police in photo is full maasha allah only.

maami said...

Will we get to hear His Master's Voice (HMV) over the radio someday too?

maxdavinci said...


Rithish said...

shalaam shaab yenu bonda kodtaa iddana?!!? :o)

anoushka taraporevala said...

i second what maami said: you should be on radio and spread sweetness and light all over bangalore....

Prats said...

Che....full fashin ishtyle yella waste is it????
BUt why nelmangla man!!!! full darwad you should have gone to....picke dup more accent and come back to do one show on one of the stashuns....all of us would have goen around saying...''' magaa....full blogger gotha?? now he's talking and talking his head off "

Bikerdude said...

naren,maxdavinci: thanks :)

poojitha; aye what i say? full paris high fashion it is ok? aaaan.

a.s: heh heh didnt figure this was you :) yeah it was quite a day, bird poop happened after this incident on the way to meet you.

chethana: oh correct alla? full before getting down from train the entire family used to douse thale in railway water and comb!

pri: yes papa they gave, nice fellows they were. And chinese police is actually RJ. Due to limited drawing skills it is looking chinese. Will convey your masha allah to him.

maami: Ahem, no idea. Papa why kill the airwaves with such things no?

rithish: Ahem, shalam shaab band saaishtaane eega nanna :) haudu, bonda ne.

anoushka: How sweet (and light) I say :)

kavita said...

looks like rashmi was pressing spikey-haired bikey boi's legsu! :P

Bit Hawk said...

Nim chitragoloove kathenoove bho sandhaagaithe budrapppo! :)

Anita said...

BD sahibre!...thumba funny nimma e lastest postu..!..My fav from Lingo Leela is "naanu enaadru kivi mele cauliflower itikondu kuthidheenaaa, goobeshaa???...had me at spilts...!.

keep it yup..funny man!

Poojitha said... high fashiona?? i shall presume u were joking...wokay wokay...thathaastu!! Saar shall have blessings!!

James Mylaporean said...

Priya Ganapathy was sensational in her Sister Stella avatar. Is it possible to hear some of these episodes on youtube or any other site ?

desigirl said...

Any chance of your voice being heard over the airwaves then? Pref not in Nelmangalese, of course!!

10yearslate said...

all-ree, mandhi ishtt keL-thaaranth myaag, hoon-ree, aenaadhroo pod-cast, geed-cast maadtheen anth heLbeka, byaada?

(No-sir, people so much asking means, yes-sir, something podcast-geedcast will do should say or no?)

Bekaadhra neev nanag Nelmangala bhaasha maathaad-ree, naa nummoor bhaashe bigeetheeni. Aenantheeree?

(Want means, you to me talk in Nelmangalese, I Hubli-Dwd lingo will hit. What say?)

Somebody Else said...

Wow. Imagine having all these cool peepals writing to you. So cool vonly. and radio station visit aalso. tsk tsk. goo' stuff.

A.S. said...

I super-enthusiastically second (or third?) the idea of a Bengalooru Banter Podcast... as long as Nelmangalese (what is it?), Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and all other languages, dialects and accents in your repertoire are translated for the linguistically challenged fans of the blog.

Bikerdude said...

kavita: heh heh such a lovely artisht I am. She's supposed to be dragging me out :P

bit hawk: hehe at "bho sandgythe" too much :) Thanks!

anita: Boss that woman rocked. Yaav baavi inda neer kudidhro! (which well from water dranko). Thanks :)

poojitha: Jhusshshshshstu becaaas you are NIFT product and all don't criticije my high fashion ok? Ohhhhhohohoho :P

james mylaporean: there was one clip of Sr Stella floating on the email a while ago. If I get it, I'll send it across.

desigirl, a.s: Aiyo dunno bosses, Nelmangalese might not be a big seller :P I don't even think it exists!

10yrslate: haan that is excellent idea, we can do villager conversation, come.

somebody else: Allveyyyy? :) Thyanksamma!

Sumi said...

I cant belive that Priya Ganapathy responded to your blog! I still remember the day Radio City went on air for the first time, it was just wonderful! Of all the RJs, Priya Ganapathy was my favorite. My ears were adorned with fm radio headphones all the time, thanks to my BIL who got me a very nice cute FM thing from one of his Beijing's visit!! My My, let me stop here, B'lore nostalgia is getting way too much on me!BTB now that you have found out that Radio One is near to your work place, ''chumma chumma angae pretty girls parthu jollu vida pogadha.'' And dont try to overdo your hair thing, who knows, some cutie pie might fall for your Great Indian Macaque look. BTB I read your comments for ATPs recent post.'' beautifully framed against the jannal, is it?'' enga kashtam engalukku dhana theriyum!!!! Anyways, as always, its a great pleasure to read your blog and your comments in ATPs!!!

Poojitha said...

ouchie...tat hurt..sniff sniff!!!

anoushka taraporevala said...

biker dude, i want the clip of sister stella too

avisha said...

bal chendaagi kannada maathadthi

10yearslate said...

aNNa-vre, nimma "Shantha Idly grinder" avaru monne dina (Sat June 14) nummooralli kacheri haadi hodh-ru.

Bhahusha nim blog odhiddharo yeno..idli grinding maadiddhu theera kadime..baree omme maathra, opening varnam nalli!

Especially avara hit "Maadu meykkum kaNNe" haad bekaadhr theppage koothiddhru.

You are to blame yentirely I say!

Gugi aka Gogoush said...

goodie bag they hao gion?
if yes, wat wat was in it?
if no, mwah, don't go back there.

Shilpa said...

hey! I read your latest post first and then back-tracked to the radio ga-ga post.

Sakath mast, I must say. Majja banth-le.

Bikerdude said...

sumi: Aan wokay ma :) And thanks!!

poojitha: Eh? What hurt I say? The fact that i am gumaangu when it comes to fashionaa? Stitch off one high fashion kerchief to blow nose while sniffling no?

anoushka: No idea where to find men. Y'all only search your mailbox no

avisha: Bho dhanwadgul kanrawwa :)

10yearslate: Aiyo what is Miss Idly grinder without the actions I say. it's like listening to an audio recording Kunnakkudi Vaidyanathan. No use. I think we must present a joint petition to her to go back to her old ways instantly.

gugima: No no one bonda and one kaapi they put. So sweet of them.

shilpa: Aiyo bleshshu (blush) Bhal thyanks ley :)

longblackveil said...

Excellent! Very glad to find your blog, saar. You are a, mins like, how to say, funnies!
I don't understand all the Kannada (shame, shame, puppy shame) but I geddit, I geddit. The big picture comes across.
Love your cartoons and was doing the insane laugh-out-loud bit on your 'It Vas ze Germans' post.
If you are not minding, I shall add you to my blog-list, if only to easily acess the madness that you churn out.

And Priya Ganapathy, yay!!! She was the last scion.
Jonsy sucked, and I wrote him hate mail and he replied. Then I felt little bad, but not to much, Guaahahahaha.
Ok, enough, bye. :)

Anonymous said...

Woh May Gaad, you are semi-celebrity!!
Bikerdude you are too cute - who knew men also worry about frizzy hair?!

Anonymous said...

To the tune of: Ele hombhisile(ಹಾಲುಂಡ ತವರು )

ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ಬಂಟರು (banter)
ಅಹಾಹಾ ಅಬ್ಬಬ್ಬ
ನೀವು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಪಂಟರು (punter)
ಅಹಾಹಾ ಅಬ್ಬಬ್ಬ
ಬರೆದೆ ಬ್ಲಾಗೂ
ಬರೆಯೋ ಕೈಗೆ ನಮನ
ಆ ವಿಶುಅಲ್ ಎಫ್ಫೆಕ್ಟ್ಸು
ಆ ಕಂಗ್ಲಿಶು
ಇಂಥ ಸೌಧರ್ಯಧ ಬಂಗಾರದ ಬರಹ ಕಂಡಿರಾ!

read some of ur blogs,
i must say they are aasom. (awesome)

Padma said...

When I read the entire title of your post, Bikerdude, for some reason, I was reminded of the song "Tuvvi tuvvi tuvvi endu haaduva...." Do write off one post about the inimitability of cult Kannada songs such as this one I say.

And congratulations for achieving so much popularity and recognition! Bloggers Assocation Bengalooru should do sanmaana to you and give you shaalu and haara for this, alwe!

James Mylaporean said...

Bike Paiyan : Thanks, pa.
Bikea stand le vechudu - next post poda time aachu.

Apoorv Gawde said...

hahaha duuude fantastic stuff! vacation to Nelamangala it seems! hahahaha.

Nakki said...

After reading, i felt namma bengaluru represent madoru ilve antha. Nimdu noodi sustu kanri...

Fantastic posts saar. kee it going.. btw ondu saNNa grouse.. nimma radio gaga post nalli you have missed Sunaina (of darius love interest fame) Radio city, her chirpy, whacky voice, entertained all of us...ok?ok.

Bikerdude said...

longblockwail: Aiyo thanks I say. Im thinking we know each other through boomsa, no? Ayes kindly adding to the lisht wokay? wokay.

anonymous: Now you do, eh? :)

anonymous2: Aha, ond full plate jilebi thara ide commentu. Bhal thyanks kanri :) (Oho one ful plate jalebi like this comment is. Many thyanks dear sir)

padma: He thyanks ri. Ayes where is shallu I say?

james: Aan vandhaen ba. Konjam blogged out is being an I.

apoorv gawde: Thanks :)

nakki: Heh heh susth aitha :) Thanks I say. Oh yeah, Sunaina. Had completely forgotten abou ther. Wonder what shes upto.

Anjaan said...


Vikas SN said...

Awesome Post!!!
Full Hale Radiocity team nenapige bandru :)
The magic of Johnsy(Wonder wht he is doing now?), Rohit Barker, Sunaina matte darius kal eliyadu etc It was super fun.
Among now somehow only few are good I feel, prominently the Radio one team with Prithvi, Pallavi and Anjaan and all. said...

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