Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My dear boys and girls,

You may breathe a big sigh of relief as I will not be writing much today. For I have channelized my prowess on the keyboard, borne out of ten years of non-stop yahooing, into more creative avenues. Therefore, kindly have it, the following batch of Cartoons on the Keyboard, OR:


More to follow (or not as the case may be) :)


??! said...


more, I say, more!

Poojitha said...

woaha.. awesum use of letters da... amzing...ur brain does work crazy.. :D ....!!!!

n d mysooru mahal....hee it goin!!

Naveen said...

waatay best i say!! ur talent is oozing out of every opening in the cardboards!! :o)

keep it up very high!!

Anu said...

Great Stuff.

Thanks for the laughs:-)))

Here's one for you...

| |

| |


| |

| |

"He..ey...I've told you a hundred times before no necking on the bus..."

Preeth said...

sakath a irukku pa. And we thot u could only write. And sing.

And bro, what to do about the spammer problem da.

Rekha said...

Hehe.. Really Cool.. I loved


Anonymous said...

lol very funny V wan MOARR :D

PizzaDude said...

Very creative and funny. I loved the Mysore palace and the Deo ones :))

rads said...

LOL :)

I'd love to say something saintly as "dude, you got a lota time on your hands" or something to that effect, but this is good stuff. Please have more free time :D

Prats said...

Love the way you've put your valuable time to use re....super creations....swalpa namma political situation melenu you do please....
can I blog roll you??

Meenakshi said...

Also a cartoonist? Sooper!

Abhipraya said...

Too good I tell you :D Waiting with baited breath (after spraying some mouth freshener of course) for more

Pri said...

is it sad that i didnt get a couple of these? im not saying which ones.

Thoppai mama said...

Nummantha jawaari mandhi-ge intha-dhella thiLiyuudhu bhayankar kaTiN-ree!

Aadhroo thelee solp odkond, hang-hing maadi thiLkondni bid-ri!

(Like us rustic people, like this all understanding fearfully hard-ree!
Even then, head little broke, like that-like this did and understood leave-it ri!)

Ondh maath aagindh kaeL bekagitth ree.
Nunag blog baryaako, baryaako anth haeLtheeri,
Aadhr numag bariyaak ondhoo vishaya bitt-kottill neev!

(One matter from long ago wanted to ask-ree.
For me blog, write, write you telling me,
But, for me, to write not even one topic you have left!)

Western Classical and Indian Classical music- howdh, Social commentary-howdh, interpretative art-howdh, cartooning-howdh, travelogue-howdh, food critic-howdh, linguistic peculiarities-howdh, nostalgia-howdh….

nunag ansiddh mattige neev Chaos Theory, Numismatics, Arachnophobia, comparative religion, fuzzy logic kadae innoo haNiki haakilla.

(for me understood until, you Chaos Theory, Numismatics, Arachnophobia, comparative religion, fuzzy logic towards not yet craned your neck)

Thinking aloud said...

cool!!! i really yenzhoyed:)...hoping you have more free time :)

small squirrel said...

you are one seriously warped but EXCEEDINGLY funny man...

Bikerdude said...

..And I'm back :)

Thanks very much I say : ??!, poojitha,naveen,anu ,preeth,rekha,sindhu,pizzadude,meenakshi,
abhipraya, thinking loud, smallsquirrel!

preeth: Delete off no, whats there. Or better still, reword the comments and repost. And edit all the HTML links to point back to your blog. Full frustru the spammer will become off.

rads: Sainthood doesnt become people who have as much free time to troll the internet and read my rubbish, as I have time to post it! :P Thanks for stopping by!

pryatsu: Nanage solpa politics allergy ide. But-aadru try maadthene. And sure, go ahead :)

anu: good one! lol

meenakshi: Correct, vat ya cartoonisht no? heh :p

abhipraya: Lol yes yes please bate, will be back with more soon hopefully.

pri: Nonsense. I think USA has slightly softened brain I say. Full I will explain off, email nalli. Ok va? ok.

Thoppe Mama: Avella nang gottila. Sum sumne yeneno helbedi. Hubli kannada blog adru shuru madri firshtu. Bhal besht iruth bidri. And sorry, your pantarocity cannot be hidden with babe-in-the-woodsy dialogues. Get cracking soon ok? ok.

smallsquirrel: HEY!! Ehh I guess you're right about the warped bit, but I assure you I have the heart of a child. In a jar on my desk even.

Bit Hawk said...

Awesome! Great!!!
Seriously very very creative!

Krish Ashok said...

Konjam large size binoculars lendings. Engyo poings youings.

Bikerdude said...

bithawk: Thanks bro :) Nice coupla recent posts on your blog by the way!

KA: Thanks sami. Though In front of sun (ie your kindself) I am mere mathaap I say. said...

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