Monday, July 16, 2007

Sumer is icumen in and I have gone cucu.

i So I finally moved into my lovely flat among the treetops all excited to wake up to the call of the cuckoo through the crisp morning air. Um, didn't quite pan out the way I imagined it would.

Ah, the Indian koel, otherwise known as the asiatic cuckoo. How lovely.
Oh look it's really happy. I am happy too.
Im so glad I am in this bed listening to this wonderful koel. Hi koel.
Yes, very nice.
Err, yes I get it. Another note perhaps?

What a lovely bird. What pleasant cooing in the morning.

4:03 am
Ah poor thing, must have been alarmed last time.
OK that must have been the practice note. This is quite a nice pitch indeed
Yes da raja.
Nee paadu da kanna
Sigh. Koel ki kook nyaari, papiha ki bol pyari. Very good. Now go away and let me sleep. OK? OK.

Sleeep. Bird gone. Must sleep. Slleeeeeeep. Mmmmm.

Shoo birdie, enough. Papa must sleep. Go, shoo.
Oh shut the hell up freakshow, or I'll wring your neck now!
Wail. I cant take this any more
Crash thud (chair flying out of window at source of sound)
Sob Sob!! Mommieeee!!

Several hours and many, MANY Coo's later:
Haha. Hello hello, what is name? I want lolipop.
Yes yes, yesterday only took headbath. Hi Snehalatha. I have 3 cans of buttermilk.
Hahahahaha. Subbanna, please bring my friend Prince Ivan a rosy cheeked apple and some chocolate fondue.

Yes thank you I have officially and truly gone cuckoo.

I love you, my big jamoon tree, but just let me get my hands on your little blue neck, you, you... 'orrible, 'orrible bird!

PS: For those that are curious about the title of this post, look here


mike said...

LOL :)

I am sure by the time you actually went to sleep on Saturday night, so many other creatures of the night also seemed pests!

It gets better soon, tho

Your pad is really awww-some.

Rani Sowmya said...

Looks like U had a gala time with that insistant wakeup call.. :-)

comment_raja said...

yenna da raja! HA!

freespirit said...

so does that mean no more Malleshwaram posts? :)

Krish Ashok said...

:) lol. Reminds me of some bollywood song that went something like koel..blah..blah..boli..kookookookoo..kookookookoo

Bikerdude said...

Mike: Thanks da, was nice to see you there

comment_raja: I forgot to add loveraj ;)

freespirit: My flat is very close to malleswaram so I guess I'll be blogging some more about it soon

krishashok: All these kuil composers should spend one night in my flat in the company of my psycho feathered fiend to be cured completely.

Bikerdude said...

rani_sowmya: yes if you can call biting chunks out of your sofa a gala time. Know where I can find a nice big gun?

Pri said...

che che entha sadness! try cotton buds or something cause i know you're not going to get rid of the tree. also send photo of party i say.

Shobha said...

oh wat a morning that was! coo coo nonsesnse.

have to say i've never woken up laughing as much as i did that day tho.

only 1 person was missing in the show, the other 3 were dutifully present for the madness...

Anonymous said...

cuckoos are bad but I find the pigeons worse....

are you non vegetarian?? are cuckoos edible???? buy yourself a catapult!!!!

Pri said...

@ anonymouse: BD is vegetarian only on National holidays and house warming ceremony days.

You've been

Vasoooo said...

Chinna kuyil padum paatu kekkudha cuckkoo cuckoo koo koo

rj said...

he he he..

good one maga :D

Mark IV said...

:) try cuckoo biriyani...
should teach em sleep disturbers a lesson!!!

or get an extremely loud alarm- let it go off just next to the window. snooze it every time a bird flies off...

or BEST- eat omlette near the window... the kid threat works with dons... sure it must work with birds!!!

Bikerdude said...

lol thanks vasoo and rj

mark: excellent ideas. will scare the living daylights out of him.

RustyNeurons said...

Hi BD!!!
Sorry missed many of your posts!! Was on a vacation.. This one tops the list man... I could not stop grinning..
Btw, blogs are blocked in office :(( so cant even read!
I so much love to hate these moronic IT people
I some how managed to get alternate proxy hee hee.. Couldnt afford to miss your posts jest like thaat...

myths said...

he he he, that was nice :)) had me laughing at my desk! said...

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