Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Modern Indian Idiom - An illustrated tutorial

Linguistic education in India is in dire need of change. Casual conversations in modern India are no longer limited to one language. Multilingual textbooks are therefore the need of the hour, and must include modern turns of phrase, wise sayings and quirky Indian idiom in a minimum of three languages. The following is the recommended excercise format (with solutions) , for a "Learn Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu in 30 days" textbook, to be released in 2010.

Excercise 37: Translate the following passage into Tamil, Kannada and Hindi wherever applicable, with neat, labelled diagrams. (10 marks each):

'Hey Manjunath, why are you seated as if you are just back from a bungee jump? '
Ans: Dai Manjunath, yaen da bungee adichcha madiri ukanthirukkai?
--(Tamil: Bungee = cannabis. Bungee adicha madiri = looking doped)

'Argh, destroyer of evil, I hit the bore and became a mad dog. '
Ans: Ayyo, bore hodidhu huch naai agbittidene shiva
--(Kannada: I've become a mad dog out of boredom = bored crazy)

'Yes dear friend, I too have caught the madman and am currently scratching the mat. '
Ans: Aaman da, naanum paithyam pudichchu paaya praandindu irukkaen
--(Tamil: Gone crazy and scratching a mat (out of frustration))

'Hey Piyali, what disease has come to you? Who has shaken your chair now?'
Ans: Hey Piyali, Ningen roga bantu? yar nin chair na alladsidru?
--(Kannada: What disease has come to you = What's wrong with you? Who shook your chair? = Why do you look disturbed?)

'Sigh! Yesterday Rahul touched me and my death occurred. '
Ans: Hae! Kal na, Rahul ne mujhe touch ki aur meri toh daeth ho gai.
--(Hindi: died = 'I just died in your arms tonight' sorta died)

'Clean, go. Ladles two ladles, both loose ladles. '
Ans: Suththam po, Aapai rendaapai rendum kazhandaapai.
--(Tamil: Suththam = clean= Perfect, Loose ladles = useless)

'Oh move aside, monsoon cloud. You and your underwear friend are the ladles.'
Ans: Ae, chal hata sawan ki ghata. Aapai hoga tu aur tera chaddi dost.
--(Hindi: Move aside monsoon cloud = buzz off, underwear friend = childhood friend.)

'Oh pshaw old girl, are you turning on your meter? How did your exams go? '
Ans: Uyy, yenamma, meteraa? Sari, exam ella hegithu?
--(Kannada: Meter = autorickshaw meter = being obnoxious)

'After giving the last paper, I sold horses and slept. '
Ans: Arre, kal aankhri paper deke ghode bechke so gai main toh.
--(Hindi: sold horses and slept = slept soundly)

'Oh by the way, you haven't fallen properly in any of the photos I caught during our trip. '
Ans: Aye, naan trip-la pudicha photola ellaan nee nallave vizhala ma.
--(Tamil: Tamil words reserved for photography. fallen = appeared, caught = took.)

'Forsooth, dear friend, Did all of all not emerge properly? '
Ans: Arre yaar sare ke sare theek se nahin nikle kya?
--(Hindi: saare ke saare = all of all)

'Pish tosh, leave it, woman. Whose father's house bundle goes?'
Ans: Aiyo, bidamma, yaar appan gant hoythu.
--(Kannada: whose father's house bundle goes = who cares).


Anonymous said...

Had me in splits..too too much i say esp "..scratching a mat" bit :)
"Biker Bhai chale Amrikka" previews? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oll-vee bid-ri-ppa, bhaaL andhr bhaaL nim humb-gutthigi!

Hidee-ri nimgondh hom-ork.

"Comer comes, goer goes, no asker, no teller."

Elli, appat dharwad bhash-yaag anuvaad maad-ri nodoN.

silk smitha and disco shanti said...

uncle........u got the last line totally wrong...!!
yaar appana gant hoithu=whose father what goes...!!!

Anonymous said...

i liked the pictures. umm err... those i could understand.

Prats said...

this is too much yappa.....
I remember the last one though ...my dad always went...."whose father what knot goes"

inniki nombhu, ammana aishindu varuvaar...(mummy returns!! )

By the byes....I went through the magic pass pa.....full enthu cutlet naavu....but full narrow gauge thara idhe

Anonymous said...

my two bit:
"put hair and buy mountain"

"hiding full pumpkin in plate of rice"

"my father's not in the granary".

Go figure.

Bikerdude said...

kavitha: Illa pa, Biker stays in Benglur view this is :P

10yearslate: what it is hubguthigi?
Barovr barthar, hogor hogthar,helovrilla, kelovrilla? Correcta? :)

nikhil: alla pa. Gantu = knot or bundle. You're thinking of yaar appand yen hoythu.

anoushka: oh sorry ma, read off translations no? And happy parsi birthday, I say :) Have an extra helping of dhansakh (if its being made) for me!

prats: And I went over it! What fun no? Full smooth it is :) Happy nombu!

maami: Agha lovely. 2nd one I don't know. But the first two I remember from loooong ago!

Usha said...

Laughed and laughed and my stomach got ulcers!

Paithyathai pudichu illeppa - Paityam pudichu, that is, caught madness and scratched mat although that illustration had me running for a mat to scratch.

Maami's rendavadu is hiding whole boodu kumlakai in rice no!

Anonymous said...

Priceless! Even if I don't understand Kannada.
Thanks for brightening up my morning,

Anonymous said...

Vorry vorry nice I tel u I say....I'm am the in vorry much of the liker of your blaags... wht a funny!! I cant able to woit to reed youver blaag and I'm in the liking shichuation of the cartoons thet you putted in the blaags... yavrrey bady claps claps....

Anonymous said...

hey biker dude a cousin of mine referred me to your blog. its great and reminds me of the happy happy days spent in bangalore. i have read most of the back issues. loved most of them, especially the ones on the cantt and the ones on the bangalore accents. specially love your food columns. keep it going, pal.

ps my kannada is a tad rusty so please continue the translations. and, as i remember one of your fans saying: remember your pan-indian audience.

Anonymous said...

endaapa..ipdi ellathalyum kozhappi vechirukke!! naaku ipudu emi thelledu.. beda...beda.. tumhara blog beda.. i shall be packing my bags 2 NIMHANS vorry shoon....

bdw, maamis 2nd comment meant.. "muzhu pooshnikaiya sothula marai kariye.."

Anonymous said...

also...addingsu my bitsu...

in between cycles..driving autos..aah??!!

you telling house n cumngs??!!!!

alls d besthu...

Anonymous said...

Ayyo..neev bhaaL maryaadi kodtheer-ree-pa!


"Baraa(n)va barthaan, hogaa(n)va hoekkan, keLaa(n)villa, heLaa(n)villa"

Humb-gutthigi; HaLLi bhaashe. BengLoor-naag'kitapati'anthaar.

Enna maami? appa kudhur-kuLLe illaya?

Bikerdude said...

usha: correct ma correct :) just being silly I am.

kamini: heh thanks!

azay: oho tyanks ba. Elli asami ka pata ich naich?

nigel jeejeebhoy: Ah so Miss T has been spreading the word eh :) Thanks for stopping by. And sorry about the vernacular. I hope the translations I put in now help!

pooj: Sorry mae, naane konjam kozhambi pootain. Aha abt cycles and all :)

10yearslate: Nim oorin kannad namdginth eshto bettr kanri. Adre solpa echuse me, but what is kitapati? Full over head agoythu.

Anoopa Anand said...

You are my true hero, macha. Howwwww I laughed. Abha. Love.

Anonymous said...

wow bikerdude: you altered your blog so that we northerners could digest it! shabhash, beta. and a BIG thank you. keep them rolling. looking forward to some more 'cantonment' stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice enhancements, adjustments of the blog...
Oye..I'm online vonly yavvrry day... saaame tyme... u are the not the seens on the online...

Anonymous said...

Orrey the too much ya! Can I be nimm firast student in nimm school? Please ya? *pleading look*

Bikerdude said...

anoopa: Uyyo back from the daeth aa? So nice aaf you to stop by ma.

nigel j: Anytime, and Yes baas :)

ajay: oh hauda, ok ttys then!

penguin: You'll also be the first *and last* student, cos Im sure you'll kill me by the end of the first lesson :P

Somebody Else said...

Write off the book no?
I will buy off illustrated versions for all my NRI accent having nephews and nieces by 2010.

Too much I say. Planning to buy Bangalore IPL team from Vijay Mallya aa? First royalty from Dancing Fountain idea. Then royalty from Bangalore-Tongue Made Easier(39th Reprint). What next? Mega-serial joint venture with Ekta Kapoor aa?

Clap Clap Clap!

Pri said...

hai is post ko padke meri daeth hogayi!!

talking about saroja devi i was once on a blind date with this boy who claimed to be her grandson and i was so close to making an inappropriate joke because of course i didn't believe the fool. turns out he wasn't kidding. true story.

also any idea where this "yaar nin chair na alladsidru" line originated from?

playbyrules said...

perfect polyglot.read your previous posts on malleswaram.they set a hard to attain standard!!

Anonymous said...

biker dude: no, i was not referred to your blog by miss tee. it was a miss a. but thats splitting hairs, because i am glad to be here.

Anonymous said...

thumba funny i say! sirichi sirichi mar gayi. bien bien.

Preeti said...

super funny...!

Unknown said...

This reminds me of an old cuss phrase the bongs used back in college - "one pie father mother". They used to say this in english for our benefit.

Another one is "Why you are making curds of my brain, man?" ( Dimag ka dahi kaheko karta hai ba?)

As usual, incontinence was the problem.

Anonymous said...

this is a take off on what narendra shenoy wrote: to make curds of brains is a gujju/parsi idiom too and it is used thusly: bheja nu dahi na kar (said to someone who is chewing brains)

and heres another gujju/parsism: dont stir raddish in buttermilk. used as 'chhas ma mulo na dove' which translates into dont committ gaffes in speaking.

welcome nigel: nice to see biker dude's fan club spreading northwards.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why my '30 days-il Telugu' book was such a dead loss! Penned by a nutter, minus nifty photoshoppy pix.

Bikerdude said...

siri: Next is heavy security to prevent people from killing me when they see me in public :P

pri: Heh reg Saroja Devi. I think I vaguely know that grandson. Dont know who coined 'Yaar nin chair alladsiru' (Who moved your chair), but I definitely know that it was the origin of the famous (and pukey) book on corporate vision called 'Who moved my Cheese' by whatsizname :P

playbyrules: Thanks!

nigel: Ah ok. That makes 'A' lot of sense. :)

lilith: Waah waah muy channagith tumhari vasanam :)

preeti(....) : Thanks :)

narendra: Haha good ones!

anoushka: What no radish? No sev in the dahi either? :)

desigirl: correct ma. I want job of ortisht in all those dull books.

Karan said...

Thu. Put new post. I'm bored.

Roopa said...

Hey, 1 nos. fan (the screaming and fainting variety, not crompton greaves, with or without lamp hanging off centre) reporting for duty. Super super stuff you write I say. will keep checking back. (That naayi biscuit item in the grocery list scribbled on master plan for underpass had me snorting so hard that stuff shot outta my nose - no one but Dave Barry has had the honour before this!) --- iti nimma doDD fyaanu (kannadadalli hange bariyodree fan-na)

therapy said...

Heh. Funny man.

Usha said...

gud ones, i say! :)

n here's a mallu one:
"me dont want - dont want thinking, you climbing on my head and sliding?!"

Bikerdude said...

roopa: You do snot when you laugh? I think I like you already. Thumba thyanks ri :)

therapy: thanks!

usha: Vat it is? "Enikku venda, vendannu vecha thaleyi keri chaaduvaano?" Not familiar. Kindly to explains.

Usha said...

it goes like : 'njaan vendaa vendaannu vekkumbo, nee thalel keri njerangunno??'

used when someone's taking advantage of the fact that you are being tolerant towards them.

Radha said...

Came across this post a couple of years late :)
This is simply brilliant, loved it..
Reminds me of a Kannada to English translation we used to make back in school - 'Pumpkin thief telling, shoulder touching seeing' :)

Sharath said...

Innobba fyanu tamma poshtige...
"iti nimma" search maadi illi lyand aade! Happy that i did :)

Mohna Priyanka said...

Wow. Cracked me up. Great job :)

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Lilly, UK

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